US Internal Revenue Service – the guide to help you find your way

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Internal Revenue Service, IRS is the body responsible for collecting internal revenue for the United States Government. They enforce tax laws and regulation on taxpayers using Internal Revenue Code. You cannot work or do business in the United States without having to deal with IRS offline or through their official website at
The website makes it easier for taxpayers to access all the information that is available in the local tax office. You can visit the site for issues relating to tax payment, tax refund, tax return and so on. This method is way more convenient and seamless. The guide below will help you find your way through the online site;

US Internal Revenue Service

IRS Website Guide | What To Expect

  • Once you enter the homepage, look out for the Menu Bar at the horizontal tab.
  • Click and choose the information that mostly relates to you as a taxpayer. It could be individuals, business or even charity body (Non-Profit organization). Select any of them that match your status and you will see the link that appears.
  • If you are going to individuals, you will see the link “Where’s my refund? That seems to inform you the status of your refund application if you are expecting one.


  • You will also find a link that can help you understand any letter sent to you from its service. With this link, you will be able to understand the letter better.
  • If there are additional tax payments expected of you, you will get the notification online with ease. Those that are due for tax refund will also get a better information about the payment day.
  • If you are a business owner, you will find useful. You will be provided with lots of information that will help you depending on the size of your business and turnover.
  • You can also get information on how to apply for Alternative Motor Vehicle credit on this website. So this will help you get a tax credit for investing in manufacturer facilities and modern energy production.
  • If you are into the nonprofit organization or charities, will avail you the possible information about the law that governs it. This information will guide you on the new laws and how to go about the tax-exemption, what you need to do for exempt hospitals and more. You will need to find and locate the tax-exempt status as well your application status.

So has got all the information you are looking for. You don’t need to journey to its offices to get your issues sorted out.

US Internal Revenue Service Phone Number

If you don’t have access to an internet enabled device, you still have the option of reaching IRS through their contact number; this is still more convenient than visiting the office. The phone numbers are toll free;

  • IRS Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954
  • IRS TeleTax System at 800-829-4477

If you must call these numbers, you must make available your personal Social Security Number. If you are married, you can present your Spouse Social Security Number. Another requirement is filing details and exact dollar refund for the return for those that filed for IRS Tax Return.

IRS App IRS2Go – IRS App Download

If you choose not to use IRS Phone Number or visit the official website at, you can still access your account through the IRS mobile app. It is quite simple to use. Simply visit your mobile app store for download. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry users.