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Location Near Me Officemax Near Me – leaders in office supplies and business products

Officemax Near Me – leaders in office supplies and business products

OfficeMax is the leading supplier of office supplies and business products in the United States. The products they sell include printers, papers, laptops, desktops, photocopiers, and all other office equipment. OfficeMax has been a leading firm in this butch since 1988.

If you like or need the products they sell, you can easily find OfficeMax locations near you.  That is the essence of this article. To find their location near you, browse officemax near me on the map below and find a list of OfficeMax locations near you.  Also, follow through to find other important details about OfficeMax.  Since 1988, it has been a major part of American businesses to date.


Who founded OfficeMax?

It was founded by 2 entrepreneurs: Michael Feuer and Robert Hurwitz. Actually, Feuer was the driving force behind the chain’s overall growth. He nursed the idea of an office supply chain for more than 17 years while he worked for retailer Fabri-Centers of America. When in his early 40s, he was already an executive member of the Cleveland-based chain. However, he was frustrated with his role and the company’s operation. At 42, he just wanted his own business. He partnered with Hurwitz to launch OfficeMax. The duo started their business on April Fool Day of 1988. They established a business plan for their new type of office supply store. Their intention was to establish a big store that gives discounted business supplies along with professional service and friendly customer service agents. Actually, the sun intended to eliminate the middlemen, and garner goods right from distributors.

How many people were originally on the OfficeMax staff?

OfficeMax started with 7 employees. The employees were expected to be: be hard working, have an open mind, be enthusiastic, and have a big heart. These men were willing to work for very little pay, in the promise of gaining part ownership in the company if they remained loyal until the end. They all accepted and today, they have a better life.

Officemax Near Me – Officemax Facts

Merging With Office Depot

However, during the recession, OfficeMax had a hard time. To avoid bankruptcy, it merged with Office Depot on February 20, 2013. This merge in an all-stock deal made them become the largest US office supplies chain. But in the beginning, a lawsuit was filed by a stockholder to block the merger. This would have paid all OfficeMax shareholders a total of 2.69 shares of Office Depot in exchange for one single share in Office Max.  This was averted, in the end, on November 5, 2013, the merger was finally completed. Today, every OfficeMax location is also an Office Depot. You cannot get better office supplies elsewhere or find them cheaper.

Free Store Pickup

One interesting thing about OfficeMax is that it gives free store pick-up on all items that are purchased online. So when you search OfficeMax near me, you can make purchases online and pick them up later within the days they give you.  Sometimes, their shipping takes a lot of time. This is especially in holidays. In-store pickups save you time and protect you from stress. To choose an in-store pickup, pick the items of your choice and add them to the cart. Please choose only items that qualify for that. Go to your shopping cart and select “in-store pickup” under the shipping options. Click “change location” and pick the store that is nearest you at the current. At most, after 1 hour of placing your order, you will get an email informing you that your item is ready for pick up. You are now free to go and pick it at the location you enrolled.

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