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Featured Router’s IP Address – find your Router’s IP Address on any device

Router’s IP Address – find your Router’s IP Address on any device

Have you ever tried to find your Router’s IP Address on a phone, tablet, or PC? Do you think that this is very hard? Well, if you think so, worry no more. By carefully going through this article, you will learn how to find your Router’s IP Address on any computer, tablet, or phone. But why will you even want to find your Router’s IP Address? You may want to find this to access it, make some configuration changes, or do any other thing.

Normally, a default gateway is an IP address that traffic gets sent to when it’s going to a destination outside the current network. On a lot of home and small business networks—where you have a single router and several connected devices—the router’s private IP address is the default gateway. All devices on your network send traffic to that IP address by default. Windows devices call this the “default gateway” in the interface. Macs, iPhones, and iPads simply call it “router” in their interfaces. However, on other devices, you will see “gateway” or something like it. To locate your router’s web-based setup page, get the IP address of your router. It is very important.


Find Your Router’s IP Address in Windows

It is important to know that your router’s IP address is the “Default Gateway” in your network connection information on Windows. You can also use the Command Prompt, you can find the default gateway for any connection quickly by using the ipconfig command.

Further, you can as well find the default gateway address with the graphic interface. To do this, take the steps below:

  • To start with, open the Control Panel and click Start, type “control panel,” and then click Enter.
  • Secondly, proceed to the “Network and Internet” category, click the “View network status and tasks” link.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the “Network and Sharing Center” window and click the name of your network connection.
  • In the “Ethernet Status” window, click the “Details” button.
  • Lastly, go to the “Network Connection Details” window, you’ll find your router’s IP address listed as “IPv4 Default Gateway.”

Find Your Router’s IP Address in Mac OS X

You can as well find this on a Mac OS X. To do this, click the “Apple” menu on the bar at the top of your screen and choose “System Preferences”. In the “System Preferences” window, click the “Network” icon.

Go ahead and choose your network connection be it wired or Wi-Fi and then click the “Advanced” button at the bottom of the screen.

Lastly, in the “Network” window, choose the “TCP/IP” tab. You’ll see your router’s IP address listed simply as “Router.” Am sure you find this easy.

Find Your Router’s IP Address on the iPhone and iPad

Further, you can find your Router’s IP Addresses on your iPhone and iPad,. Take the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and then click the name of your Wi-Fi network. You’ll see the router’s IP address listed as “Router”. You can also do this with Android.

Find Your Router’s IP Addresses in Android

A lot of third-party Android apps give this detail, in addition to Wi-FI Analyzer. It also shows a perfect way to choose the ideal Wi-Fi channel for your router’s Wi-Fi network. If you have another network information app, just look for the “Gateway” IP address.

However, if you use Wi-Fi Analyzer, you can click the “View” menu, and then and “AP list”. On this screen, you’ll see a “Connected to [Network Name]” header. Click on it and a window will appear with more information about your network. You’ll find the router’s address written as “Gateway.”

Find Your Router’s IP Addresses in Chrome OS

For those using a Chromebook, click the “Connected to [Network Name]” option in the list at the information menu. Click on the name of the wireless network you’re connected to.

Lastly, when the network information appears, click the “Network” tab and you’ll see the router’s addresses listed as “Gateway.”

Find Your Router’s IP Addresses in Linux

Do you know that many Linux desktops have a network icon in their notification area? Proceed to click this network icon and then choose “Connection Information’’. Find the IP address displayed next to “Default Route” or “Gateway”.

Whatever device you have, use it to find your Router’s IP addres. Please keep your questions in the comment section.

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