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Location Near Me Michaels Near Me – any kind of craftwork at a very affordable price

Michaels Near Me – any kind of craftwork at a very affordable price

Michaels is America’s largest arts and crafts store. You can find any kind of craftwork here at a very affordable price. The firm was established in 1973 and since then, the company has become firmly established with locations in many states and cities across America. In this article, you will hear a lot about Michaels, their locations, weekly coupons, moonlight madness deals, and lots more. Just read through it.


Michaels Near Me – Find it on the Map

However, to find Michaels’s location near you, browse it on the map below and find a list of Michael’s locations in your area.

Who is the founder of Michaels Stores?

Michaels was founded by Michael J. Dupey in 1976 in the former Northtown Mall in Dallas. However, in 1082, he sold the controlling interest of Michaels to a Dallas businessman Samuel Wyly. Then, the annual revenue of the firm was $10 million. Later, Dupey found MJ Designs which was later bought by Michaels. The company was expanding very fast, so much so that by 1986, it already has 16 stores.

What arts and crafts store did Michaels acquire in 1988?

In 1988, Michaels bought a division of Walmart store called Helen’s Art & Crafts. This helped Michaels to further gain national prominence in the craft and art sector. In no distant time, the company grew to have more than 100 stores.

When did Michaels set the goal to reach $5 billion in sales?

It was in 2004 that Michaels announced that it wanted to reach $5 billion in sales within 2 years. Before then, Aeron Brothers joined their team and they generated $50 million in sales before this time. This brand has been trying its best since then. It is true that they did not reach their target of $5 billion but last year, they made $4.31 billion in revenue.  They are seriously working hard to attain their goal.

Michaels Near Me Facts: How to Save Big

Combine Coupons

Michaels has many ways to dish out their coupons. They include coupons in weekly newspaper circulars and direct mailers. Also, Michaels emails coupons and give online codes. In their deals, sometimes, they give 20 to 50% off a particular item. Interestingly, customers can combine these coupons at checkouts. Since you can use many kinds of coupons at once, take advantage of that, and save some money. You can start by searching the map for Michaels Near Me, and also search out applicable coupons for your purchases.

Make sure you always go for Michael Grab Bags

Michaels does the end-of-the-year promo and clearance sales. Here, they offer grab bags filled with seasonal merchandise. These bags are usually filled with high price items for up to 90% off the actual price. This is a great way of saving money. But note that you can’t see what is inside the bag until you purchase it.

Follow Michael on Facebook

Michaels gives rewards to her followers. This comes in the form of special offers. In most cases, it gives a coupon or code for a 20 to 25% discount for a specific time to some followers on Facebook. You can take advantage of this discount by following her on Facebook.

Use Competitor Coupons

Another point of interest is that Michael accepts competitor coupons like A.C. Moore, JoAnn Fabrics, and lots more. However, the coupon must be only a certain percentage off, not of an entire item or purchase.

Use Price Match

Also, Michael permits price matching. In this case, if you find the same product of the same quality in another competitor’s store at a lower price, Michael will sell it to you at a lower price. In this way, they retain their customers, and the customers in turn make all their purchases at Michael.

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