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Featured How to Access iCloud – with any device available to you.

How to Access iCloud – with any device available to you.

 Do you want to learn how to access iCloud with any device at all?  iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service launched by Apple Inc. on October 12, 2011. With it, you can save documents, photos, and music on a remote server for download to IOS, macOS, or Windows devices to share and send data to other users and to manage their Apple devices if misplaced or stolen. Accessing iCloud is very easy. Follow through to understand.

Users are free to view files from the web browser and download them into their devices than to a different folder. Also, they can easily access their stored data through any of these methods.


How to Access iCloud

You can access iCloud any way you choose with any device available to you. There are more than 850 million users on iCloud. It clones your device and saves everything in it. However, you can only access everything in it when you get another device.

 How to Access iCloud on iPhone and iPad

  • Go to Settings on your device and click your Apple ID that has your name and image if you have added one.
  • In the second section of the menu, click iCloud.
  • Choose the type of data you intend to save on the iCloud and scroll down to see the complete list of apps that may access this tool. All these apps can be synced and used with iCloud.
  • Click on Google to turn on iCloud for a specific app. Also, click on the right side to turn on iCloud for a particular app.
  • Now, proceed to the bottom, and click on iCloud backup to automatically make a cloud backup of your iPhone and iPad. Below, you can see and control all the third-party apps using iCloud.

 How to Access iCloud on Mac

  • Go to your Mac and click the Apple menu to open system preferences.
  • Go further to click on iCloud and tick the iCloud drive to enable it.

You already have all your document and app in your Mac stored and backed up in iCloud and you can access them when you need it.

How to Access iCloud on a Web Browser

  • Go to
  • Proceed to enroll the email address and password used for your apple id and click on the arrow next to fill in the password.
  • Go further to the verification code and click on the iCloud drive.

How to Access iCloud on Windows

  • Download iCloud for Windows and install it on your device.
  • Go ahead to open the iCloud.
  • Supply your Apple ID to sign in to the iCloud.
  • Lastly, select the features and content that you intend to keep up to date across your devices. And click “Apply”.

That’s all. I hope you got value from this. Keep your questions in the comment section.

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