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Location Near Me Junkyards Near Me – You can either find old trolleys or subway cars.

Junkyards Near Me – You can either find old trolleys or subway cars.

Do you want to find a junkyards in your area? If yes,   browse the junkyard near me on the map below. You will be able to find the nearest location to you.


Junkyard Near Me – Find it on the Map

What can you find in a Junkyard?

You can either find old trolleys or subway cars. At least 10 years now, people only visit junkyards to salvage parts from subway and trolley cars in order to make diners and bars more authentic. Usually, the public transit vehicles spend their final days in junkyards, undergoing creative reuse at the hands of creative junkyard enthusiasts. Some vehicles as well stay there permanently because at about 18 tons each, they demand a lot of time and effort to scrap. The whole process is hard as they need to be crushed, cut down, and stripped before being formally scrapped. On the other hand, some are dumped off of the New Jersey coast into the Atlantic. They do this believing that the cars will be an artificial reef for marine life in coastal waters.

Where is the world’s largest junkyard located?

Do you want to know where the world’s largest junkyard is located?  Well, statistics show that the world’s largest junkyard is located just 50 miles north of Atlanta. The yard is a 34-acre compound that houses one of the largest car collections in the world. For more than 80 years, Car City USA has been collecting unsalvageable mid-century American cars.

At the moment, there are more than 4,500 vehicles there, most of which are the model year 1972 or older.  In the beginning, Car City USA began in 1931 as a general store handled by Dean Lewis. When the US entered World War II, resources such as steel and tires became scarce as they were needed to aid in the war effort. This family moved their business to scrap cars. By the late 1940s, the general store became a full-time auto salvage yard. That was how they gradually moved and today, it is the largest junkyard in the world.

Junkyard Near Me – Junkyard Facts

The Purple Car Gang

There is this very popular group of stealing. This group specializes in robbing, boozing, and shooting.  They are the Purple Gang.  This group of people is very notorious at one point; they even attempted to murder a US senator. In 1936, police raided a junkyard in Albion Michigan, a midway stop for gangs and thieves that sat between the cities of Chicago and Michigan. At that moment, the police captured more than a half dozen purple gang affiliates. They also confiscated the “gangster” car they use for their operations.  But these days, you can hardly find stolen cars in junkyards.  The cars you see there nowadays are cars that their owners are tired of or cars they want to sell and buy new ones.

Stolen Cars

Do you know that the majority of cars in junkyards are stolen cars?  A lot of them are very new automobiles that were hooked up to tow trucks, stolen from parking spots, and towed by thieves to make fast cash at scrap and junkyards. Further, in some cities, area boys “shop” for cars, tow them away and sell them at junkyards for a profit on parts.

In the end, some are scrapped and resold while others find a home in the junkyard. However,  an honest junkyard owner will search for the vehicle’s VIN before buying it.  In this way, he will not buy a stolen car.

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