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Featured Top 7 Match Dating Tips – get dates with high caliber women

Top 7 Match Dating Tips – get dates with high caliber women

You are about to get the Top 7 Match Dating Tips that will greatly help you get dates with high caliber women. These tips may help you find the love of your life. What are the tips? Let’s consider the Top 7 Match Dating Tips below:


  1. Regularly Update Your Profile

This is very important as it adds value to your content. It will as well send your profile to the front page of her search results. Further, Match permits you to choose 3 “Topics” to answer, and at 150-words-or-less, those are easy to change up periodically.

The magic about this is that women who viewed your profile are 78% more likely to respond to a message from you, so when she checks you out on Match, send her an icebreaker message.

Match profile tip

It is also important to frequently change your primary photo. Appearance also draws women, especially at first sight. For someone who skipped over your profile some months ago, a new photo might catch her eye.  Get your sister or a female friend glance over your profile, since it can be hard to be objective when you’re writing about yourself, and more importantly, you might not know which facets of your life are the most attractive to women. Feel free to ask for help – a recent study shows that 1 in 5 online daters had someone read over or write their profile.

  1. Be Specific About Your Interests

Do you know that using the checkboxes for specific keywords helps your profile show up in more search results?

Match keywords

The match keywords include Skiing, yoga, camping… List all the sports or hobbies you like. The more interests you have, the better your odds of appearing in her keyword-specific search results.

Match also uses these keywords to make better matches. Use these keywords to tell who you are. It will help the lady to quickly find a match.

Talking about your hobbies in your profile has an added bonus – specifics make you seem more genuine. According to this recent study, authenticity appeals to women the most in an online dating profile.

Instead of saying “I enjoy sports” like all those other guys, mention a few of your favorite games and workout exercise and why you like them. If you’re into let’s say blogging, describe your niche and why you chose it.

  1. Let your First Line be Catchy

The first line of your profile should be captivating, inviting, informative, and creative – something that catches her eye and makes her want to read more about you. You can ask some friends to help you out.

  1. Let Your Profile Tell a Story

You know when someone looks at your photos and likes your first line; she’s going to start reading your profile. First, she’ll see your bio, then your interests, and finally she’ll see your list of responses to the appearance, lifestyle, and background questionnaire. Review these and make sure they tell a consistent story. When your profile tells a story, women are more likely to learn more. Ensure that what you say in your bio is related to the pictures you show and the activities you do.

  1. Know What You Are Looking For

On Match, you will see a list of options under “Refine Results” to specify what things matter most to you. Also, specify what you want so that when you meet someone that matches you, you can easily know. Refine Match results by being specific. You will get fewer and this will relieve you greatly.

  1. Use Copy & Paste Messages

Statistics show that for online dating, you will have to send out up to 114 messages in order to be 99% certain of getting a response. You can send a catchy message that will attract any woman. Copy and paste the messages to all the women you can. Whatever you are writing, be creative, brief, and funny. messaging tip

If you enjoy cooking and you want to get a lady with cooking skills, you can send out an open text to the ladies

Also, you can also write a custom icebreaker message for any topic of your interest such as yoga, surfing, cooking, or music. You can send a few messages to hundreds of women in a short amount of time.

  1. Seek professional help

To draw the kind of attention you need and the kind of woman you seek, get professional help. These experts can help you set your profile, choose photos, send messages, and many more. You can go to VIDA.  Here, there is a team of online dating experts who can do all the hard work for you. They will write your profile, choose your strongest photos, send messages to attract women you approve of and schedule your dates. You cannot find a better service elsewhere.

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