Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card – benefits for things you do every day

Get access to hassle-free travel rewards and platinum level privileges using Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card. This card offers unique benefits for things you do every day not just travel rewards.
Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card is issued by Meridian Credit Union with an annual fee waived for the first year. Apply now to get access to benefits.

Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card

Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, hassle-free travel rewards with no restrictions and premium protection
  • Secondly, earn up to 1.5 points on each $1 spent on purchases
  • Thirdly, earn 3 points for all $1 spent on net purchases in outside countries with foreign currencies
  • Fourthly, the card does not charge an annual fee the first year
  • Also, cardholders are rewarded with the privilege to choose from worldwide flight options with over 100 airlines
  • Stay in hotels, with more than 80,000 properties to choose from
  • Enjoy top cruises destinations
  • Get gift cards rewards from top retailers or select over 1,000 merchandise options
  • Get emergency Health Care Coverage
  • Trip Cancelation and interrupted Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Common Carrier Accident Protection
  • Lastly, 24/7 Travel Assistance, auto Rental Collision /loss Insurance, intergenerational Insurance coverage, mobile Device Insurance and Purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection services.

Meridian Credit Card Fees And Rates

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases – 19.50%,
  • APR for Balance Transfers – None
  • APR for Cash Advances – 21.99%
  • Annual Fee – $99 (first Year free)
  • Additional Card Annual fee – $30
  • Grace days – 25 days
  • Minimum payment – 2.00
  • Balance Transfer Fee – not applicable
  • Cash Advances – $3.50 or $5.00
  • Foreign Transaction – None
  • Foreign currency conversion – 2.50%
  • Late Payment – $0
  • Returned payment fee – $45

Requirements For Application Of Meridian Credit Card

  • Firstly, must be minimum 18 and above
  • Must have a valid SSN
  • Have a Canadian / foreign Passport,
  • Must have a certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian driver’s license
  • Lastly, health Card (except the provinces of Ontario, PEI, Manitoba or Quebec).

How To Apply For Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card

  • Firstly, visit the Application page
  • Secondly, scroll down and click on “Apply Now”
  • Thirdly, answers questions like; meet minimum visa Infinite requirements? Yes or No
  • Key in your First name, MI, last name, suffix
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident? Yes or No
  • SSN, Identification (select from options)
  • DOB, Mothers Maiden Name, Email address, Primary Phone, Alternate Phone number,
  • Are you a Meridian Employee? Yes or No
  • Are you currently a member?
  • Thereafter your residency details, Address, City, Province, postal code, monthly housing payment, residence status
  • Employee info; employment status, gross monthly income
  • Do you intend to apply for joint credit? Yes or no
  • Would you like to transfer a balance?
  • Read and tick on all other important info on the page
  • Click on the “Submit ” button.

How To Activate Card

To activate your newly acquired RBC Rewards Visa Credit Card click on the number on the sticker credit Card.

How To Login To Meridian Visa Travel Credit Card

  • Firstly, on the home page
  • Secondly, by the right-hand-side of the Web page, click on the “Sign In” widget
  • Thirdly, enter your member number, Email, or Username and Password
  • Lastly, scroll down and click on the “ Sign In” button.

How To Recover Meridian Credit Card Password and Username ID

  • On the login page, click on the “Reset your Password “ link
  • Enter your email or member number and last name
  • Click on the “ Continue” link
  • Authenticate identity and create a new password

How To Make Bill Payment

Report Lost/ Stolen Meridian Card

  • To report lost/stolen Meridian Credit Card call at 1-855-341-4643 (Canada and USA)
  • 1-515-343-8995 (international collect).

Meridian Credit Card Customer Service Number

  • For any inquiries contact the customer service center at 1-855-341-4643.
  • International Collect – 1-647-252-9564.


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