Haunted Places Near Me – learn how to find haunted places Nationwide.

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Do you want to search haunted places all across the USA? If your answer is yes, let’s start. In this article, you will learn how to find haunted places Nationwide. Also, you will see haunted places within your location. You will really enjoy this adventure. Keep reading to learn more.

Haunted Places Near Me

Haunted Places Near Me–Find it on the Map

To find haunted places near you, browse on the map below. You’ll find a great list of haunted houses and haunted places in your location. When you choose a location, you can browse further to learn more details.

What is the most haunted place in America?

In America, there are many haunted places. However, there is a most haunted place.  According to paranormal investigators, the LaLaurie Mansion in Louisiana is the most haunted place in America. From the 19th century, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie has been a popular Louisiana socialite. She was best known for hosting elaborate and decadent soirees in her over-the-top mansion in New Orleans. Here, guests enjoy the best food and delicious champagne. Only they knew about the horrors unfolding here then. This place is a very scary place.

In 1834, the police while responding to a kitchen fire discovered police the bodies of many extremely mutilated slaves in the attack of the mansion. The secret soon leaked and everyone got to know LaLaurie’s sinister secret. They stormed the house and forced her to flee to France.

However, sometime after LaLaurie’s disappearance, the hauntings started. Many say that they hear the phantom shrieks of victims spilling from the house at night. Also, paranormal investigators as well saw extraordinary activity in the house. They saw shadow forms too.

What is the best-haunted hotel?

What about one of the most famous haunted hotels in the world? It is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. It became famous at first when it became the real-life inspiration for Stephen King’s mega-bestselling horror novel “The Shining.” Here, you will see terrible ghost tours and guests can even visit a creepy underground tunnel under the hotel. Do you know that even the hotel’s original owner is known to haunt the hotel and can often be spotted in formal attire, coming down the stairs? Amazingly, the piano in the lobby plays by itself.

How to Tell If A Place Is Haunted

Almost every victim of a haunting site has unexplained shadows. Here, you will see fleeting shapes and shadows out of the corner of the eye. These shadows often take vague human forms. They can look like orbs, similar to balls of light. Those who see these things in their homes are likely to have a paranormal presence. This means their home is haunted.

Further, another unique feature of haunted places is strange animal behavior. In this case, the dog or cat may make certain sounds or even misbehave. Your dog may bark something unseen or cowers without a reason. This is because it has noticed something unusual. It may not agree to enter a room or keep staring at something.

Lastly, in haunted places, individuals staying here often feel that they are being watched especially when they are alone in a room. This can be paranormal. If you always feel this way constantly when you’re in a particular room or time of the day, it may be due to a paranormal presence.

Before you search haunted places near you, ensure that your house or home is not haunted. This will save you the stress of going to another location.

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