Cox Communication – leading firm amongst internet service providers

Cox Communication. Do you know the leading firm in terms of internet service providers in the US? Of course, it is Cox Communication. It is not just the largest in internet services but also provides Email services with Cox webmail. Cox Communication provides cable internet and Direct TV services tooCox Communication .


A lot of people know the Cox webmail as Cox high-speed internet webmail. It is a free email service like Yahoo and Gmail This service permits its users to send and receive an email, store data, pay bills, and get the most recent Cox services. Cox webmail is most suitable for small business owners since they can use it to connect with their clients and staff.

How to Login Cox Email

  • Go to Cox Webmail portal at or
  • Click on the login in button
  • Supply your User ID and Password.
  • If you are using your PC, click on the Remember User ID box to save your login detail.
  • Choose to use Enhanced Webmail or Classic Webmail.
  • Click the Sign-in button. If your details are correct, you will be taken to Cox webmail online account.

However, if you forget your User ID or Password, click on the Forgot User ID/ Password link. Follow the instructions given to retrieve them with ease.

Benefits of Cox Webmail

  • Customers get McAfee anti-spam protection service and it offers cloud storage.
  • Users also get 10 email addresses and 2GB of file storage space.
  • Those that want to can upgrade to 10GB email storage capacity with the option of home phone, bundling internet, and cable TV for both individual and business needs.
  • Customers on paid service get more storage space, better support, email configuration, and treats.

Furthermore, if you already have a Cox webmail account, you can edit your details. His is simple. Once you login into your account, click on Settings and Help. Make the necessary adjustments you want and save them. You can personalize your Refresh Intervals, Default app after Sign in, set Time Zone, and activate Auto Opening of Notification Area.

Cox Email Server Settings

To ensure that you use your Cox webmail account without any stress on any device, follow the guides we will explain below.

Cox IMAP Server Settings

This means incoming and outgoing mail settings. To set up for incoming mail, use as the server name and as the outgoing mail. Make the port number 993 and SSL enabled. With the help of IMAP, users can read, save, and spend their email with a third-party app. The app can be Outlook, Gmail, or Window Mail.

Cox POP and POP3 Email Server Settings

POP is used to download all emails from a remote server and access the email without using the internet. It emails from the online server to a local storage location. IMAP stores the email temporarily and locally but the source of fill is till online.

Where to get COX POP AND POP3 email Server Settings

If you don’t want to use Cox high-speed internet webmail to access your email locally, make your Cox Server name to be for the incoming mail. Also, make the outgoing server address.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, take the following steps to set it:

  • Click on Settings on your device.
  • Select Mail, contact, calendar, and choose Ass account.
  • Select other.
  • Click Add Mail Account.
  • Supply your name, your email address, and your Password.
  • Click ‘’Next’’ and select POP to get server settings.
  • Enter the incoming and outgoing server details, user name, and password.

Lastly, if you have any challenge, you can easily resolve it. Customers can call 1-866-9610027 online or locally. For issues concerning technical support or payments, call 1-800-234-3993.


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