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It is easier to pay with a card than cash. Payments can only be made faster and secured with a Bluebird card. With your Bluebird card activation, you get a lot of rewards for using your card, like cashback offers, great discounts easy purchases,s, etc. Follow the steps below to activate;

Bluebird Card Activation

Bluebird Card Activation | How to Activate Bluebird Card

Activating your Bluebird card is key because without it you cannot access your card. To activate, follow the few steps below;

Bluebird Card Activation Online

  • Firstly, the First thing is users have to do is visit the official site
  • After that, click on “Register Your Card”.
  • Thirdly, enter your 15 digits Temporary Card Number that placed on your card.
  • After that, Enter your 4 digits Security Code Number.
  • Now, enter your First name, Last name, Email address after that Re-type your Email.
  • After that, enter your full address and choose your phone number type and enter your phone number.
  • Now, Users have to create a Username, Password and Re-type the Password.
  • After that, users have to enter the Date of Birth.
  • Then, users have to create an ATM PIN and Re-Type the ATM PIN.
  • After that, users will be asked a security question. Answer that question and click on “Agree-And-Submit”.
  • Next, the users will be notified that their card has been activated.
  • Lastly, note:- If users didn’t attempt to activate the Bluebird Card then, users can call Bluebird Card customer care number 1-801-449-4016.

Bluebird Card Activation Requirements

  • The users must need the Temporary Card.
  • The users need the 15 digits card number located on your card.
  • Also, the users need to know the 4 digits security code.
  • They need to keep handy their personal details like first name, last name, E-mail, full address, date of birth, etc.
  • Finally, the users need to know their phone number and social security number.

Bluebird Card Activation Cautions

  • Make sure users never share their PIN, PASSWORD, USERID with anyone.
  • Never save your PIN, PASSWORD, USERID on any merchant’s site.
  • Lastly, never share your PIN, PASSWORD, USERID personal date on unknown phone calls.

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