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Do you have a Windstream email account? Are you looking for how to login into your account? Windstream email account comes with 50MB of storage space. Users can access it via a webmail interface or through email programs like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. A lot of subscribers use Outlook Express to check messages on their Windstream account. The same webmail interface will work for,, or email accounts too. Follow through to learn how.

Windstream email

Access the Windstream emails login page and get to your account

Users can easily access their Windstream email account. To do this, get your username and the password. Proceed to go to their website at – click that link to open the page in a browser window.

Go ahead and supply your username and password. Then, click the “Login” button to get access to your messages. However, note that the username, your full email address, and the password should be handled carefully. You can set up the ‘From’ and ‘Reply’ addresses, an email signature, vacation message, and email forwarding. The tools in the portal are easy to navigate even for a beginner.

Email login from site

On the other hand, you can visit the website. When you reach there, click the “Email” link top and the right section of the page. It is important to know that the Webmail email account login page can be accessed from the site through two links.

In conclusion, many email accounts come with GB of storage, the 50MB inbox space from Windstream is not enough. This is especially when it comes to exchanging big files such as digital camera photos, music, and videos. When your memory becomes full, get rid of bulky messages or download the Windstream emails to your computer using an email program. It will give you lots of space.

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