Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan – tailored to meet every individual’s needs.

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan: Getting a Mortgage Loan has never been easier with Wells Fargo. Buying a home is a huge task but with Wells Fargo by your side, you will not feel the burden. Wells Fargo is a diversified financial institution that offers Mortgage Loans without hassle. They have several loan options tailored to meet every individual’s needs.Here are some basic home buying loan types you’ll likely come across in your mortgage search:

  • Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages
  • FHA and VA mortgages
  • Jumbo loan options

Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan

Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan for Specific Needs

There are also financing options for specific needs, they include:

  • Home improvement loans
  • New construction loans.To learn more about Wells Fargo distinctive homebuying programs and home loan features.
    Call 1-877-937-9357 or find a local consultant.

Home Equity Financing

Get to know if the equity line of credit financing is right for you

  • Get a home equity line of credit
    This home equity line of credit offers fixed-rate advances, payments that rebuild equity, and rate caps.
  • Calculate rates and payments
    Estimate rates and payments for a home equity line of credit. View variable- and fixed-rate advance options in one quick view.
  • Combine a line of credit with a mortgage
    Looking for more flexibility? You can start by pairing a home equity line of credit with a mortgage.

For a service member on active duty, prior to seeking a refinance of your existing mortgage loan, please consult your legal advisor regarding the loss of any benefit you are entitled to under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act or applicable state law.

Mortgage Calculators, Videos, & Resources

To enable you make an informed decision, Wells Fargo has some tools that can educate you more about your options. These tools include Wells Fargo mortgage calculators, videos, resources and so on.


View your loan options, estimate payments and more.

View videos on important home lending topics

Get quick answers to your mortgage and home equity questions.


Use the home financing checklists to track the details

Find definitions for common mortgage and home equity terms

Documents and Forms:
Get to learn more about the documents you may need to provide.

Wells Fargo Student Loan

Students who need help to cover tuition and other eligible expenses, can get that with a private student loan and make no payments while in school.

Undergraduate Loans

  • Firstly, traditional colleges and universities
  • Secondly, career and community colleges
  • Thirdly, cosign a private student loan
  • Finally, student loan for parents

Graduate Loans

  • Graduate, Law and Health programs
  • Cosign a private student loan
  • Student loan for parents

Consolidate Student Loans

  • Consolidate student loans

Auto Loan & Vehicle Financing

Finance your car purchase. Choosing this loan enables you:

  • Firstly, get flexible car loan options tailored to your needs
  • Secondly, make fast credit decisions and get competitive rates
  • Thirdly, get access to Tips and tools to help you find the right loan
  • Finally, get over 65 years of auto loan experience.

Refinance your current loan

You can lower your car payments by refinancing with Wells Fargo and stand to get:

  • Firstly, competitive rates and fast credit decisions
  • Secondly, 24/7 access to statements and mobile alerts
  • Thirdly, access to a wealth of refinancing information, tips and tools
  • Lastly, relationship discounts for existing customers.
  • Wells Fargo Rates

  • Product      Interest    Rate   APR
    Conforming and Government Loans
    30-year Fixed-rate          3.875%    3.935%
    Also, 30-year Fixed-Rate FHA 4.625%     5.658%
    30-year Fixed-Rate VA   3.875%     4.168%
    15-Year Fixed Rate         3.250%     3.338%
    7/1 ARM                          3.625     3.883%
    5/1 ARM non                  3.625%      3.905%

Jumbo Loans- Amounts that exceed conforming loan limits
30-year Fixed-Rate jumbo 4.000%     4.007%
15-YearFixed-Rate Jumbo 3.750%    3.761%
7/1 ARM Jumbo                  3.375%    3.713%
10/1 ARM Jumbo                3.625%    3.775%
Rates, terms and fees as of 9/12/2017.