Wells Fargo Bank Account Opening Requirements

With its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, Wells Fargo Bank has operated on the basis of being ranked one of the largest bank in the United States of America. Wells Fargo banking operations revolves around the following banking activities:

  • Community Banking activities
  • Wholesale Banking activities
  • Retirement plans services
  • Insurance Wealth Brokerage services
  • Equipment lending
  • Wealth and Investment Management

This goes to show that Wells Fargo’s business and operation does not only end in issuing funds and accepting deposits; rather it extends to other financial services such as insurance, mortgage services as well as other international services.

Wells Fargo Bank Account Opening

Wells Fargo Bank Account Opening Process

Due to the sophisticated nature of their bank services, most people have this opinion that getting a bank account with Wells Fargo Bank will be difficult. However, their account opening process is one of the easiest.
The Wells Fargo bank account opening requirements aren’t stringent when it comes to Checking account, with this account all that you need is an initial deposit of $25 dollars which will be made from either your credit card or debit card.

Checking Account gives a $5 dollar discount for daily checking and charges $10 fee for monthly services. Now the Wells Fargo bank account opening requirements for all the accounts types are almost the same but with a little difference here and there.

To further ease the process of account opening, individuals who are interested in having an account can actually access the Wells Fargo bank account opening form through the online platform; although your presence will be needed physically on a later date at any branch to complete your account registration. This will not take so much time.
The major things when it comes to the business of account opening is that you must meet up with the requirements. As such, Wells Fargo account opening remains easy subject to the customer meeting up with the Wells Fargo bank account opening requirements.

Wells Fargo Bank Account Opening Requirements

Wells Fargo has two types of account, one is the Checking account and the other is the Savings account, now here are the official Wells Fargo bank account opening requirements for both of these accounts;

Requirements For Checking account – Applicants for this type of account must have the following requirements, first you must indicate if the account will be an individual or joint account, now here are the requirements,
(i) A valid Social Security number (SSN)
(ii) a valid driver’s license issued by a reputable agency
(iii) a minimum account opening deposit of $25 which can be done via transfer from a debit or credit card. There is an option where you can link your new Checking account to either your debit or credit card.

Requirements For Savings account:

The requirement for opening a savings account at Wells Fargos is the same as with checking account, the only slight different is that your deposit at the bank can increase when there is growth in interest rate.

How To Apply For Wells Fargo Account

Application for Wells Fargo account can either be done online through their official platform known as Wells Fargo Online or you can actually call the customer service on the phone, or you can visit any Wells Fargo branch near you in person;
You can apply for the following services within minutes;

  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Credit Card accounts
  • Loan and advances
  • Line of Credit Account.

Here is the number to call to speak with a Wells Fargo Customer Care agent 1-800-869-3557. These agents are always available.

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