Wedding Jewelry Near Me – make your wedding memorable and eventful

Do you know that with the right jewelry, you can make your wedding day very memorable and eventful? This is not a day to just settle for anything. It is a day to use the very best jewelry you can afford. It must not be overly expensive, but classy, unique, and gorgeous. To find the perfect wedding jewelry for your wedding, you have to go to the right store. That’s the essence of this article. Here, you will learn about Wedding jewelry near you, how to find it, and other vital points.

Wedding Jewelry Near Me

Wedding Jewelry Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find wedding jewelry near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of jewelers specializing in wedding jewelry in your location. Choose the location you like. You can browse further to know their working hours, what reviews they have, and the kind of jewelry they have.

When did couples first start using wedding rings?

I the past, people simply had their weddings even without any ring. Nobody even cared, what mattered was that they loved each other and are willing to be together forever. However, from 1500, couples started using wedding rings back in the 1500s. During engagements, they would use Gimmel rings. These rings were interlocking. They usually divide them and place each on both the man and his bride to- be’s finger. During the wedding ceremony, the groom will remove half of the Gimmel ring and place it on his bride’s finger. At this point, they prove their unity and commitment.

However, in recent times, wedding rings are now very trendy. You cannot see any wedding now without wedding rings.

When did men first start wearing wedding bands?

History proves that men started wearing it in the late 19th century. It actually started trending in the United States, years later; other parts of the world copied it. It is very vital to know that the male wedding band started as a marketing campaign that was directed at women. The motive goal was to encourage men to take part in the symbolic act of wearing a ring to signify unity and commitment after the wedding was over. It was actually hard for many men to agree to this. You can imagine, only about 15% of men during the Great Depression days wore wedding bands. Some saw it as a waste of money and others felt it was of no use.

However, after the 2nd World War, nearly 80% of all married men wore a wedding band. Today, in virtually all the countries of the world, men wear a wedding bands.

How to match Wedding Jewelry to your dress

You have to first decide between gold and silver jewelry. If you can’t decide, choose the one with the hue of your gown. Experts opine that if you are wearing a very white gown, you should opt for platinum or silver pieces.

On the other hand, if your gown is ivory, go with gold jewelry and accessories. Then, for light gold or champagne color gowns, gold jewelry is still perfect.

However, the bottom line is: choose what you can afford and feel comfortable in. After the wedding, you will still be wearing the ring. Decide what best suits you.

What about the Necklace?

The necklace you wear on your wedding day largely depends on your gown. For a dress with a sweetheart neckline or a classic strapless neckline, wear a shorter necklace or even a choker. You can even skip the necklace and use a bold statement earring. Go for a small bracelet or bangle. For a dress with a v-neck, go for a pendant necklace or a layered necklace. Go for dangling earrings.

Let your hair be unique, bold, and beautiful.  You can accessorize with pins, combs, and even flowers. Appear as elegant as you can on your wedding day. Create a very memorable event with all the jewelry you use.

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