Walmart Credit Card Cashback – don’t queue at ATMs or in the bank

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Walmart Credit Card: Do you need to get your hands on cash very fast? Do you know you can get Cash back at Walmart Stores? Instead of going to queue at ATMs or in the bank, you can just request for cash with your credit card after shopping.

Walmart Credit Card Cashback offers a quick method of getting cash. Customers who want Cash back, also known as Cash over, are not charged by stores, which makes it more appealing.

Walmart Credit Card Cashback

How to Get Cashback at Walmart Using a Credit Card

Most credit cards charge a cash-advance fee which begins accruing interest right away, this makes it a very expensive option and typically far more expensive than just paying an ATM fee.
Since credit cards are usually not designed for cash withdrawals, this option will not be found when swiping the card in-store.

One of such credit card that allows you to get cash back (and at no extra cost) is the Discover credit card. Using a Discover card, gets you cash back at tons of stores: Walmart, Sam’s club, Alberton’s, Kroger, Dollar General, Food Lion, ShopRite, Gelson’s, Fred Meyer, GetGo etc. You get no additional fees when getting cash back with this card.

Walmart Credit Card Interest rates

Walmart Stores Credit Card currently has a variable APR of 23.40%.
The average credit cards for people with excellent credit and good credit charge just 13.16% and 18.14%, respectively

Benefits of the Walmart Credit Card

  • Firstly, the Walmart Credit Card offers a 5¢ discount at Walmart gas stations, on every gallon you buy. The average national price per gallon is $2.66. At this price, the gas rewards rate when using these cards comes out to 1.9% ($0.05/$ 2.66).
  • Secondly, the Walmart credit card can be used to shop at Walmart stores
  • The Walmart credit card also offers it’s users 6/12/18/24 month financing options. To qualify for this financing option, you must download and print an online coupon, and pay for the purchase with your Walmart credit card.
  • Walmart Mailing Address
    Payment address for Walmart store credit card:
    PO Box 530927
    Atlanta, GA 30353-0927
  • Lastly, you can also pay Walmart store in the United States or you can alternatively, pay the Walmart credit card at

Walmart Customer Service Details

  • com and e-commerce
    Contact for online orders and services or help using, including gifts and video on Demand by VUDU
  • Media and Journalists
    Are you a member of the media? Call 1-800-331-0085 from 8am to 5.30pm Central, Monday-Friday
  • Financial Services

  • Get important number and contact customer service for Walmart credit cards, gift cards and Moneycards.
  • Investor Relations
    Call 1-479-273-6463 to speak with a representative in the Global investor Relations department
  • Walmart’s transfer agent
    Computershare ( 1-800-438-6278)
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