Vantage Credit Score – ascertaining the history of your to-be clients.

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All consumers overtime get their vantage credit score. The vintage score is just like that of FICO. This tool is of great importance to those that are into the business of lending. Also, most landlords and credit card issuer seek for these scores. It helps them in ascertaining the history of their to-be clients.

Vantage credit score like every other score is developed by vintage and its other three credit bureaus. This score helps lenders to know how card users will pay up the money that borrows.

When lenders and credit company wants to know much or more about your creditworthiness, they consult your vantage credit score.

Vantage Credit Score

List vantage credit scores Credit Bureaus

There are three basic bureaus that make up the data that forms VantageScore. They are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. These three bureaus data makes up the algorithm that produces VantageScore in 2016.

Even since VantageScore had been the major river to FICO Credit Scores.

Vintage Score Scale

When Vintage started in 2016, its scores and scale were different from that of FICO Score. It was latter updates to match that of FICO. The scale now runs from 300 to 850 credit score. We all know that 750 credit score good is regarded as acceptable good. The excellent credit score is when you are rated 850 credit score.