University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card – pledge your support

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University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card is specially crafted for those who wants to pledge their support for any college. This card helps you to make donation to any college of your choice without stress. A percentage of cardholder’s annual expenditure is donated to the college at no expense to the cardholder. University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card is an Affinity credit card offered by Bank of Ireland. This card charges no annual fee and lots of benefits to cardholdAX

University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card

University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, affinity makes a donation when you become a cardholder thus enabling you support your college. It also donates an additional payment to your University’s alumni fund for each year your Affinity card is active. It also offers you a college branded credit card.
  • Secondly, 24 hour approval
  • Thirdly, low cost installment option of spreading the cost of larger purchases at a great low rate by utilizing their unique credit card instalment plan.
  • Fourthly, earn SuperValue Real Rewards points by using your personal credit card for purchases anywhere. This can be achieved by simply linking your Bank of Ireland personal credit card account and your Real Rewards card on
  • If you loose your card while abroad, your card will be cancelled. And if you are abroad, an Emergency Cash Advance Facility can be provided for you in some countries. ( This is subject to available credit, fees and charges may apply)
  • Cardholders can still pay government stamp duty only once while adding additional cardholders.
  • Lastly, users can pay with contactless. This is a fast easy and secure way of paying for items, which comes in handy when you make quick stops at coffee shops, grocery stores and pharmacies at home or abroad. To use the contactless payment, simply hold your credit card against the card reader. Once you use a contactless, a unique code is formed for your payment, so the retailer does not get your actual card details.

University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee –None charged
  • Transaction Fee– None required

How to Apply for University of Dublin Trinity College Credit Cards

Application Criteria

To apply for and get approved for theUniversity of Dublin Trinity College Credit Card, applicants must meet the following criteria;

How to Apply

To apply, navigate to the card application page and provide all the necessary details.

Customer Service

Call: 1890 251 251ROI
03457 365 555 GB &NI
+353 56 775 7747 All other locations

Emergency Numbers

ROI: Freephone1800 946 764
GB &NI: Not Freephone 0345 309 8099
All other locations: Not Freephone. +353 56775 7007.