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The knowledge they say is power, but where can you go to acquire the knowledge? Why not attend a university to widen your knowledge? A university is a place that you can learn a lot to advance your career. There are so many universities to choose from while considering your budget, course of study, and location. To learn more, keep reading.

University Near Me

University Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a university near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of great colleges and universities in your location. Feel free to browse further and learn more details about any university you choose. You can consider their fees, the courses they offer, schedules and lots more.

How much does the average four-year college cost?

A survey conducted recently about college pricing, the College Board discovered that the average college tuition is about $25,290. If it is a private college, it’s about $50,000 or more. Universities charge you for tuition, campus transportation, security, athletic facilities and the library. They all cost around $34,740 at a private and about $9,970 at a public school. If you will be eating in school, you will pay for your meals. Other expenses include textbooks and personal expenses.

When should you start applying for college?

It is best to apply in the summer before senior year. This is the best time to make a decision. If there is a deadline, consult a guidance counselor for assistance.

How many universities are in the USA?

In 2012, they were around 4,726 in the United States that grant degrees. From this, 3,026 were four-year institutions and a whopping 1,700 were two-year institutions. However, enrollment of students has seriously reduced in the past five years. Public opinion on colleges has been on a steady decline. This is especially amongst the working class and the Republicans. The high cost of it also scares people away, others prefer to learn a high-income skill outside school.

How many colleges should you apply to?

What if you apply to just one university without getting admission? This can be painful. Sometimes, due to lots of competition, many people who qualify may not be admitted. Also, a lot of schools consider a lot of factors before giving admission. What if you don’t reach a school’s pass mark? It is best to apply to 2 or 3 universities. In this case, at least one is likely to admit you.  Also, apply to two safety schools. Furthermore, carry out some vetting before the application process starts. In this case, you MUST visit schools and even attend a class in a particular course. You can even speak with alumni to get first-hand information.

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