Understanding What Car Insurance Policy Number Is

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Do you have car insurance? If yes, your car insurance policy number is the special number your insurance company uses to identify your account. It is usually an 8 to10 digit number. If you have a lot of cars under one insurance company, you may see all your cars listed on one insurance card.

However, in some cases, each car will have its own insurance card. Just check your insurance card, it is written boldly on it. Your car insurance number can change if you don’t meet up with the policy requirements after some time or you change an insurer. Also, you can find it on the statements and bills the insurer gives you. Always have this number handy whenever:

Understanding What Car Insurance Policy Number Is

  • Your car is involved in an accident
  • You need to contact your insurer and
  • If you are pulled over.

Moreover, there is another important number

. This is your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It is the number with which your car can be identified. It is usually a 16 digit number containing alphanumeric. You can find it near the description of your car’s make and model. Also, car owners who get insurance through a roadside assistance provider such as AAA have different insurance policy number from their AAA membership number. You will have a card for your insurance and an account identifier.

When do you need your car insurance policy number?

If you are involved in an accident

When there is an accident involving your car and another driver, exchange all your insurance details with the other driver. Each of you will use the details to file a claim. Give your insurance card to the police to use in filing a report.

When you are pulled over by the Police

Provide your insurance policy number if the police pull you over. It is necessary for the police to check if you comply with your state’s mandatory insurance coverage laws. If you do not comply, you are likely to get into trouble. It is very important to always comply with the mandatory insurance coverage laws of your state.

When you contact your insurer

Lastly, whenever you want to reach your insurer, you must have the number. This is especially when you have an issue to settle. You as well need the number when you contact your car insurer to make some changes in your policy or cancel it. But your insurer can find your number with your address or SSN.

In case you lose your car insurance policy card, the company can mail you a paper copy. Others may permit you to print out a new card from your online account. It is important to have up to 2 copies: a soft copy on your phone and a paper one too. Nearly all the states apart from Washington D.C, New Mexico and Connecticut permit car owners to use electronic proof insurance from their phones. But always have your paper copy handy. This will save you from entrusting police officers with your phone.

Furthermore, you will need another person’s insurance number if you have an accident with another person. Whenever it happens, provide the person with your card, the person will feel at ease to provide his or her own. Each of you can snap the card front and back since it is not easy to read. Take down the person’s name and phone number too.  Always get all these details immediately after the accident happens unless it is a fatal one. These details will help you when filing a claim for your car.

If you are not able to get the other driver’s insurance number

, try reaching him on the phone if you have his contact. You can as well go to the police reporting the accident. Ask for a copy of the report that has your name. You actually have a right to it, from there you will see the details you need. You will also see the other driver’s insurance number. If the above 2 do not work, go through the list of the top 10 largest auto insurance companies in the U. S to check out the driver. Lastly, your insurance company may help you identify the person with professional guidance.

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