Travelex Money Card – currency card for managing your trip budgets.

The Travelex Money Card is a prepaid MasterCard currency card for smart travelers who need to lock in currency exchange rates, minimize costs, and also to manage their trip budgets. This card allows cardholders to hold up to 10 other countries currencies such as; Euros, British Pounds, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, Thai Baht (THB), Singapore dollars, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, New Zealand dollars, whenever on trips and also to make transfers between currencies any time at the prevailing Travelex retail foreign exchange rate.
Travelex Money Card Australia is issued by Heritage Bank Limited. It can be used online or in-store at MasterCard merchants worldwide. It also is used to withdraw cash from an international ATM wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed.

Travelex Money Card

Travelex Money Card Australia Benefits

  • Firstly, global WiFi – Boeing Hotpots, – free WiFi access at millions of locations, cardholders enjoys free on the go Internet connection with roaming fees charges
  • Secondly, MasterCard Travel Assistance
  • Thirdly, merchant offers – merchant offers including Golden Tour, carrying over 10 million guests around the world.
  • Fourthly, ATM Fees – Cardholders can make withdrawals free from ATM overseas because Travelex will not charge them.
  • Also, lock in your exchange rate by loading funds in foreign currencies and avoid fluctuations.
  • Travel to multiple countries with Travelex Money Card
  • Pay for meals and drinks with your money card
  • Spend in overseas shops
  • With your Travelex Money Card, you can check your balance on the go.
  • Cardholders can enjoy Travelex Money Card tap and pay contactless technology, with this you will be able to pay easily at millions of locations around the world
  • Not Linked to your bank account – Cardholders have peace of mind when spending abroad, the Travelex Money Card is not linked to your bank account.
  • Lastly, easy to manage, spend, and save on multiple currencies

How To Apply For Travelex Money Card Australia

  • Firstly, apply for Travelex Money Card by buying the card from any Travelex store or order online
  • Secondly, you will give your photo ID for identification.
  • Thirdly, when ordering online go to the Travelex website
  • Fourthly, pick up your card at any Travelex Money Card stores nearest to your location
  • Register/activate your card online.
  • In-store – when purchasing TMC in the TMC store, you will be issued an active and ready to use travel money card. There are no requirements needed.
  • Lastly, on Phone – To purchase Travelex Money Card call MasterCard prepaid on 1800-303-297 for any information or +44 20 3284 8395 if overseas.

How To Activate Travelex Money Cards Australia

  • Firstly, once you pick up your TMC, Click on the Website
  • Secondly, or on the home page of the TMC website
  • Thirdly, click on the Register button on the page
  • Fourthly, on the new page give your information such as card Number, DOB, Mother’s Maiden Name, Email address,
  • Create a Password, confirm the password
  • Tick on the ‘read and Accept the cardholders Terms and conditions’ box
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Register’ button

Travelex Money Card Australia Fees And Rates

  • Account closure fee – $10 (AUD) when you close the account or withdraw all the money.
  • Initial load fee – 1% of load amount
  • ATM withdraw fee (Australia) – $95% of the amount withdrawn for ATM withdrawals made within Australia
  • Issue fee – $1.1
  • ATM withdrawal fee (oversea) – $0
  • Reload fee – $0 when booked via Travelex
  • Foreign exchange fee Mastercard rate plus a margin of 5.95%
  • Reload fee via BPAY – 1% of amount reload if reloading via BPAY
  • Inactivity fee (monthly) – $4.00 (AUD)
  • Over the counter cash – $10 AUD
  • Negative balance fee– $20 (AUD)
  • Foreign currency conversion – 95% of the transaction value for MasterCard rate.

How To Login Travelex Money Cards Australia

  • On the home page of Travelex Money Card Australia
    Click on the ‘Login’ button on the page.
  • Enter card number
  • DOB
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Click on the ‘Register ’ button

How To Make Bill Payment With Travelex Money Cards

Travelex Money Cards is the safest and most convenient medium to carry currency about. With the tap and pay contactless technology, cardholders are able to make payments easily at millions of locations around the world.

  • Make payment via POLIpay, BPAY.

How To Recover Username ID And Password

To retrieve your forgotten username ID and or Password. Please call the 24-hour card Service Team. 0800-447-270 or email card service at [email protected] or get a pin reminder by selecting the ‘PIN reveal’ option in My Account online. Or [email protected]

Travelex Money Cards Customer Service Center

For all your enquiries and info call the customer service center at 1800-440-039. Or Email at [email protected]

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