Taco Bell – most popular restaurant chain of Mexican cuisine.

Taco Bell was founded in 1962. Today it is a very popular restaurant in the United States and in the world. It is the most popular restaurant chain of Mexican cuisine. Taco Bell has more than 7,072 locations all over the world. It is owned by Glen Bell, who owned and managed a chain of restaurants in Southern California. The company is now owned by Yum! Brands. The revenue of Taco Bell in 2015 was about $1,988 billion.

Taco Bell - most popular restaurant chain of Mexican cuisine.

In this article, you will learn how to find Taco Locations near you,

the hours they open and how you can get their coupons to enjoy discounts. Also, you will learn about Taco Bell happy hour and how to check Taco bell gift card balance. Below are the States in the US with Taco Bell locations and the number they are in each state.

  • Alabama: 129
  • Alaska: 15
  • Arkansas: 97
  • Arizona: 174
  • California: 809
  • Colorado: 152
  • Connecticut: 45
  • Delaware: 13
  • Florida: 418
  • Georgia: 241
  • Hawaii: 29
  • Iowa: 56
  • Idaho: 30
  • Illinois: 252
  • Indiana: 223
  • Kansas: 90
  • Kentucky: 140
  • Louisiana: 131
  • Massachusetts: 64
  • Maryland: 86
  • Maine: 15
  • Michigan: 284
  • Minnesota: 78
  • Missouri: 197
  • Mississippi: 81
  • Montana: 20
  • North Carolina: 242
  • Nebraska: 41
  • New Hampshire: 20
  • New Jersey: 87
  • Nevada: 77
  • New Mexico: 56
  • New York: 166
  • Ohio: 352
  • Oklahoma: 105
  • Oregon: 109
  • Pennsylvania: 168
  • Rhode Island: 16
  • South Carolina: 106
  • Tennessee: 226
  • Texas: 643
  • Utah: 58
  • Virginia: 193
  • West Virginia: 54
  • Washington: 143
  • Wisconsin: 128
  • Wyoming: 12

To find Taco Locations near you, use the map below. In the map, you will see all Taco bell locations. To use the Taco Bell locator, click on the button below the map.

How Can I Find Information about a Taco Bell Restaurant of my choice?

Each red button on the map indicates a location; choose the location that suits you. This will show you the restaurant’s average rating, address, opening, and closing hours, and name. To know about the hours of that location, click on ‘’View Larger Map’’ and it will appear.

Can I Save a Taco Bell Location with my Google Map Account?

Yes, of course! To do so, after choosing the restaurant in your location, click on ‘’Save’’. You can always view this from your account anytime.

Can I see Customer Reviews of a particular restaurant?

To do this, choose a particular restaurant in a location on the map and click on ‘No of Reviews’’, and continue. This will take you to a page where you will read a lot of reviews about the location.

What are Taco Bell Working Hours?

Lastly, each Taco Bells location has its own working hour. We already gave a direction on how to find a particular location and know about it. From the direction above, you will as well see the working hours for that location.  The common Taco Bells Hours are below:

  • First, Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 7 am to 2 am. Friday and Saturday: 7 am to 3 am.
  • Also, Every day from 7 am to 3 am.
  • Monday, Thursday and Sunday: 7 am to 3 am. Friday and Saturday: 7 am to 4 am.
  • Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 7 am to 2 am. Friday and Saturday: 7 am 1 am. Friday and Saturday: 7 am to 2 am.

Taco Coupons

Taco Bell coupons help you buy meals at discounted rates. Check below for the most popular coupon websites include:




Be Frugal


Taco Bell Menu

They offer basically Mexican Cuisine, you will enjoy lots of Tacos burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and many more Mexican meals. Her happy hours are from 2 pm to 5 pm daily and you can enjoy some meals for just $1. These meals include:

  • Pepper Vanilla Float
  • Mountain dew Baja blast
  • Sangrita Blast
  • Loaded Potato Griller
  • Beefy nacho griller
  • Chipotle ranch chicken loaded griller.

Lastly, Taco Bell has gift cards for you and your friends to buy meals with greater convenience.


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