Stein Mart Style Credit Card – get 10% off on their first online purchase

Apply for Stein Mart Style Credit Card and be the first to know about sales and special events at Stein Mart stores. Cardholders get 10% off on their first online purchase plus a $10 Reward certificate when they make 2 purchases within the first 60 days.
Stein Mart Style Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank of Delaware with a 0.00% Introductory APR for the first 6 billing cycles. After that, the APR will be 17.99% to 24.99%.

Stein Mart Style Credit Card

Stein Mart Style Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, earn rewards certificates and use them just like cash at Stein Mart.
  • Secondly, cardholders earn Stein Mart Reward 10% certificate
  • Thirdly, 0.00% Introductory APR for the first 6 billing cycles. After that, the APR will be 17.99% to 24.99%
  • Fourthly, 2 reward point for every $1 spent everywhere else MasterCard is accepted
  • Exclusive extra savings events at least 10 days every year
  • Advance notice of sales events with an email address on file
  • Birthday surprises sent to cardholders inbox.

Stein Mart Style Credit Card Fees And Rates

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases – 28.99%
  • APR for Cash Advances – 28.99%
  • Paying interest – due date 23 days after close if each billing cycle.
  • Minimum Interest Charge – $2.00
  • Cash Advances fees – $10 or 4%
  • Foreign Transaction – 3%
  • Late Payment – $38.

How To Apply For Stein Mart Style Credit Card

  • Visit the Home page of Synchrony Financial [US] at
  • Complete the empty blank space with your personal information

Enter the personal details as required such as;

  • First Name, Middle name, and Last name, Suffix
  • Street address, Apt,
  • Zipcode, City, State, Housing
  • Primary Phone – Type, Alternate phone, type
  • Email Address,
  • Social Security number/ ITIN
  • Date of Birth,
  • Housing Information
  • Monthly Net Income from all sources
  • Add a joint applicant and choose a statement delivery method
  • Read the card security Debt Cancellation Program Agreement and click on the “Continue” button.

How To Check Stein Mart Style Credit Card Application Status

To check the status of your credit card Stein Mart Style call at 855-269-2139.

How To Activate Stein Mart Style Credit Cards

To activate your new Stein Mart Style credit cards account contact at 866-450-5289.

How To Log In To Stein Mart Style Credit Cards

  • Firstly, Login to the Home page of Stein Mart Style Credit cards via Synchrony Bank page at
  • Secondly, navigate to the right-hand side of the page
  • Click on the “ Your Account” widget
  • On the Log In section, enter your User Name and Password
  • Lastly, click on the “ Secure login” button.

How To Recover Stein Mart Style Credit Cards Lost Username ID And Password

  • On the Log In page of the Stein Mart Style via Synchrony Bank page
  • Click on the “ Find User Name” link
  • On the next page, enter your account number, last four digits of SSN, Date of Birth
  • Click on the, “ Continue “ button
  • To find your user name and reset your password.

How To Report Your Stein Mart Style Lost/ Stolen Credit cards

Cardholders whose credit card missed or it stolen can contact at 1 866-570-1420.

How to Cancel Your Card Account

If a cardholder desires to close their credit card account please contact the customer service center at 1 866-570-1420.

How To Make Bill Payment with Card

  • To make your bill payment, cardholders have to log in to their account via
  • Log into your account, Enter your user name and password, Click secure login, Find the payment tab and click on Credit card payment for your bills.
  • Autopay, your payment will be automatically be deducted from your bank account each month on your payment due date.
  • By PayPal

Stein Mart Style Credit Cards Customer Service Center

Customer Service can be contacted 24 hours every day, through 855-269-2139.

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