Silkbank Credit Card – provide the smartest way of reducing credit

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Switch to zero percent mark-up on balance transfers for a whole year with Silkbank Credit Card. Silkbank provides you the one-time opportunity to transfer your current credit card balance to your Silkbank Credit Card at a Balance Transfer Rate of 0% for 12 months. They provide the smartest way of reducing credit on your high-interest-bearing credit cards.
Silkbank credit card comes in two variations; Silkbank Visa Credit Card and Silkbank Gold Credit Card. Each of these cards offers unique perks and benefits to cardholders at different rates

Silkbank Credit Card

  1. Silkbank Visa Credit Card

The Silkbank Visa Credit Card offers cardholders access to a rich and luxurious lifestyle because of it’s many discount offers provided on shopping, travel, and dining as well as cashback and discounts.

Silkbank Visa Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, 0.25% cashback on all retail purchases made in Pakistan
  • Secondly, 0.5% cashback rate on retail purchases for those who travel
  • Offers cardholders Zero% feature, which enables them to transfer an existing credit card balance to the Silk Visa credit card with a 0% fee for the first 12 months. With discounts in places such as FoodPanda, Bella Vita, DHL and Center Flora, etc.
  • Silkbank Visa credit card offers Treasure Chest benefit to its cardholders. These access offers are renewed every quarter. This offer covers Samsung Mobiles, PEL Home Appliances, and a Honda Bike although the offer varies from time to time.
  • It also offers a 0% Instalment plan which gives users access to purchase certain items.

Silkbank Visa Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – PKR 4,000
  • Supplementary Fees – PKR 500
  • Chip Maintenance Fee – PKR 1,000
  • Withdrawal Fee – PKR 1000
  • Late Payment Fee – PKR 2000
  • Overlimit Fee – PKR 2000
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 3.5%Minimum Monthly Payment – 5% or PKR 500
  • Monthly Rate – 3.5%
  • Cash Advance Fee – 42%
  • Balance Transfer Fee – 0% for 12 months.
  1. Silkbank Gold Credit Cards

Silkbank Gold credit cards offers cardholders Cashback, Discounts, and Balance transfer benefits. It comes in handy for those who love shopping.

Silkbank Gold Credit Cards Benefits

  • Firstly, 0.25% cashback on all retail spends
  • Secondly, offers cardholders huge discounts at different stores like Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and TransAsia.
  • Silkbank Gold credit cards also offers a Treasure Chest benefit, which users can take advantage of, on a number of electronic items, food, and travel.
  • It’s 0% Instalment plan offers cardholders a 0% interest on the purchase of certain items like watches, golf, and iPhones.
  • Lastly, for globe trotters, the card’s global offer grants them access to savings, that can be made on a range of services like hotels, health clubs, and dining.

Silkbank Gold Credit Cards Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – PKR 4,000
  • Supplementary Fee – PKR 500
  • Chip Maintenance Fee – PKR 1,000
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee – PKR 1000
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 3.5%
  • Late Payment Fee – PKR 2000
  • Overlimit Fee – PKR 2000
  • Minimum Monthly Payment – 5% or PKR 500
  • Monthly Rate – 3.5%
  • Cash Advance Rate – 42%
  • Balance Transfer Rate – 0% for the 12 months.

Silkbank Visa Credit Cards & Silkbank Gold Credit Card Joint Benefits

This range of benefits are common with both cards;

  • Silk Protect: This feature waves all outstanding balances to protect your loved ones, in case of your demise.
  • Supplementary Cards: With this benefit offer, you can apply for up to five additional cards for family and friends, which comes at no extra cost.
  • SMS and E-Alerts: You get SMS or email alerts of all transactions that takes place on the card
  • Withdraw Cash: You can withdraw up to PKR 25,000 from all Silk Bank ATMs in Pakistan
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Your Silkbank credit card, can be at 28 million locations around the globe
  • Security: Silkbank credit cards are given additional security via the Verified by Visa feature.

How to Apply for Silkbank Credit Cards

Application Criteria

  • Applicants must be 21-60 years for salaried and 23-65 years for Self Employed Customers.
  • Should, have a Minimum Monthly Income of PKR 40,000 for salaried & PKR 150,000 for Self Employed Customers
  • Proof of Income:
  • Salaried customers, are expected to have; Latest salary slip/certificate
  • Self-employed customers are to produce a 6 months bank statement.

How to Apply

  • Firstly, scroll to the Silk Bank Credit Cards Apply Now page
  • Fill in the following details; First name, Last name, Date of birth, C.N.I.C, Email address, Mobile prefix, Mobile number, City, Employment status, Net income ( PKR ), Please insert code.
  • Lastly, tap on the “Submit”.

How to Activate Silkbank Credit Cards

To activate your newly acquired Silkbank credit cards, call at 0800-07455.

How to Make Silkbank Credit Cards Bill Payment

By Cheque or Cash

  • Fill out the deposit slip at the nearest Silkbank branch.
  • call Phone Banking, at 111-100-777, to enroll for Direct Debit, For payment to be debited from your Silkbank Account automatically every month.

Silkbank Credit Cards Customer Service Number

Call: 111-100-777, to gain access to a customer care agent.