Shout Credit Card – pay off your outstanding account balance quicker

Shout Credit Card is a unique credit card that charges a simple monthly fee, with a minimum monthly payment. This card is designed to enable you to pay off your outstanding account balance quicker than you would with a typical credit card. The card also offers discounts, codes, sales, and cash back to cardholders.
Shout credit card is issued by Raphael’s Bank and serviced by CCUK Finance Limited. Approval is instant in most cases even with poor credit.

Shout Credit Card

Shout Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, use your Shout CC to purchase items online or in-store all around the world
  • Secondly, this card comes in handy for people with poor credit history
  • Charges no interest or default fees
  • Also, enables cardholders to spend abroad conveniently
  • Lastly, gives you access to the short term credit

Shout Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • Representative APR – 582% APR Variable
  • Credit Limit – Up to £300 credit limit
  • Overseas Spend – 2.5%
  • Withdrawal Charge – 2.5%
  • Overlimit or Late Payment Fee – £0

How to Apply for Shout Credit Card

Acceptance Criteria

  • Firstly, the applicant must be employed
  • Must have an email address
  • Lastly, should have an £800 net income per month

How to Apply

  • Scroll to the application page
  • Key in the required details to complete the application process.

How to Activate Shout CC

Call the number on the back of the card to get your card activated.

How to Login Shout Credit Card

To login Shout CC;

  • Scroll to the login page of Shout CC
  • Key in your Personal ID
  • Tap on the “Continue” tab

How to Recover Username or Password

  • Firstly, scroll to the login page of the credit card
  • Key in your credit card account number
  • Key in your security code
  • Also, key in your SSN
  • Thereafter, key in your Zip code, and tap on the “Submit” button.

How to Make Shout Credit Cards Bill Payment

To make your bill payment;

  • Scroll to shout CC page
  • Locate the payment tab
  • Choose a payment option, and make your bill payment.

Shout Credit Cards Customer Service Number

Call: 0844 993 1020, to gain access to a customer care agent.