Sheriff’s Department Near Me – protect the lives of people in your area.

Do you know what sheriffs do? They protect the lives of people in their area. Also, they serve the community they are in. moreover, they handle petty crimes and big cases too. Do you need sheriffs in your area? The answer is yes. You need them to; report a crime, pay a fine or file a report. How can you get Sheriff’s Department Near Me? Keep reading to learn more.

Sheriff’s Department Near Me

Sheriff’s Department Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a sheriff’s department in your local area, browse the map below. Also, you will find a list of departments near your current location. You can browse further to learn more details about the department in your location. You can find the address and telephone number there. Ensure you double-check the hours that your local sheriff’s department is open. Not every department is open 24/7. This will help you know when to report a crime or what time to go.

Is it true that the word sheriff is a thousand years old?

The word ‘’sheriff’’ comes from a one-thousand-year-old tradition called the ‘shire-reeve’ aka shire keeper. It is the oldest appointment of the English crown. When people first started settling in, county governments were the first units of government created. Sheriffs were the first elected officials in an area. Their responsibility was to protect, serve and enforce laws.

Is it true that a sheriff is a highest-ranking county law enforcement officer?

Yes, this is true. A sheriff is a highest-ranking county law enforcement officer in most states. But the state will decide what powers a sheriff will have. However, many states do not give their sheriffs much power. In some states, sheriffs enforce the law and work as a court officer. But in other states, they; enforce laws, solve crimes, investigate, operate jails, and transport prisoners. In this case, they have more duties and power than sheriffs in other states.

In states that they have a lot of duties, they appoint deputies depending o their workload. Large sheriff departments usually have many deputies. The difference between their department and that of police is that a sheriff operates correctional facilities and civil functions but the police do not.

Sheriff Qualifications

The first qualification of a sheriff is physical fitness. Then, he MUST have a strong desire to help others and protect his community. He does not need a college degree to work. However, a lot of them and their deputies have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a similar field. But for county sheriffs, are elected into their position. Only people with years of experience and are familiar with the county are elected.

How to Report A Crime

If you witness a crime, always report it on time. I this case you protect the evidence from being tampered with. You can start by calling 911 immediately. It will make the police to come to the scene right away. However, if it is not an emergency, simply call the non-emergency number of your local sheriff’s office or police department.

Further, you can go to your local police station or sheriff’s department and report the crime in person. You can as well contact your local crime stopper group or tip line and report anonymously. In this case, you easily report a crime.

In conclusion, it is very vital to know sheriff departments near you. It makes it easy for you to report a crime, file a case, and help in enforcing laws within your community.

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