Shelter Insurance – perfectly ideal for affordable car insurance

The shelter insurance company has unique features that attract customers to it. For instance, it is perfectly ideal for those who need affordable car insurance and those who need to add extra features to a standard policy. Also, their customer service is top-notch even though their services are affordable.

Her rates are better than most large insurance companies in the United States. Shelter Insurance has a mobile app that you can assess to make claims, pay your insurance premiums, and manage your policy. You can as well use the app to contact roadside assistance if you are involved in an accident. The app has about 273 reviews in the Google Play store, on Apple App Store, they are about 61 reviews.

Shelter Insurance

However, it is not available in all the states; you can only find it in a few states. Here is Shelter Claims’ phone number: 800-743-5837. Shelter Roadside assistance number is 855-817-6510.

Shelter Insurance Coverage

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability.
  • Without an additional cost, the insured gets roadside assistance and new car replacement coverage for cars less than 1-year-old or with fewer than 15,000 miles. Each of them has a separate fee.
  • Shelter roadside assistance covers drivers for up to $100 per accident; this includes flat tires, fuel assistance, towing, lockouts, and lots more. Drivers can as well add the followings:
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage to repair the car after the accident and replace a stolen car or vandalized one due to collision.
  • Renter Reimbursement to help pay the cost of your renting a car while your car is under repair from an accident.
  • Accidental death to pay you, your spouse, or your dependent relative if death occurs in the accident.
  • Disability income coverage to give weekly payment for up to 1 year if one is left disabled after an accident.
  • Loss of use to give you a one-time payment while your car is out of use.
  • Gap insurance to help pay the difference between the value of an outstanding auto loan and the one you get from a claim after your car is repaired.

Discounts available at Shelter Insurance

If you have more than one form of coverage with Shelter insurance, you can save some money. You only need to meet these requirements:

  • Complete an accident prevention course
  • Own a car with enhanced features
  • Carry shelter life insurance cover with their auto policy
  • Be at least 48 years old and have a shelter home insurance policy with auto coverage
  • Insure more than one car with Shelter
  • Pay premiums in full every 6 months or yearly
  • Maintain high grades in school if you are below 25 and unmarried
  • Be accident-free and remain violation-free for at least 3 consecutive years.

Moreover, Shelter has high customer service. J. D. Power adds Shelter Insurance among the most highly rated companies in the U S’s Central region.

There are just a few complaints about insufficient claim settlements and service delays.


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