Shake Shack Near Me – friendly service and delicious Chicago-style dogs.

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What are you craving? Do you like sumptuous burgers or fried chicken? Even if you want some iconic meals, just locate a Shake Shack restaurant near you. You can find Shake Shack in any location in America. Keep reading to learn more.

Shake Shack Near Me

Shake Shack Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a Shake Shack location near you, browse on the map below. You will find a list of Shake Shack locations nearest you. Feel free to choose a location and browse further to know their working hours and other vital details.

Is it true that Shake Shack started as an art installation?

In the summer of 2001, there was this art show called “I Heart Taxi” that took place in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Then, they also featured all kinds of tax-themed displays. Somebody established a hot dog stand to give friendly service and delicious Chicago-style dogs. The hot-dog stand was run by Danny Meyer and was staffed by workers from his upscale restaurants. In the beginning, the business was not profitable but the turnout was amazing.  Within a short period, he asked the NYC parks department for a full-time business permit and pledged to donate some of the earnings to the park’s development. They reached an agreement and in 2004, Shake Shake was officially opened. That’s how Shake Shack came about and today, everyone loves it. You cannot get a better milkshake or amazing burger elsewhere.

Where did the name “Shake Shack” come from?

Danny Meyer told Fortune magazine how he forged the name after watching the movie “Grease.” At the end of the film, Sandy and Danny danced on a carnival ride known as “Shake Shack”. That’s how the name came about.

Which Midwest chain inspired Shake Shacks?

O you know that in the Midwest, burger joints and frozen custard stands were customary very regular? Danny Meyer was highly inspired by his Midwest upbringing in St. Louis. In locations like Ted Drewes, Fitz’s, and Steak n’ Shake, people sold burgers, custard, and fries. He copied the format and established Shake Shack. To honor his Midwest roots you’ll find crinkle-style fries and chocolate malts on the menu.

 How long did it take to create the Shake Shacks menu?

A restaurant’s food when well prepared does all the advertising. Only when a firm has the right menu can she succeed. Danny Meyer created his menu on a napkin within nine minutes. Am sure you find this very amazing. Many restaurants spend months and even years creating mouth-watering menus.

What kind of meat does Shake Shacks use?

Shake Shacks burger is a perfect blend of brisket, chuck, skirt steak, and short rib made for the business by Pat LaFrieda. But only a few people know the exact recipe and ratios. In the past, they used more than 20 different types of ground beef combinations for testing before choosing the ones they like.

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