Selling Annuity Payments – understand what process one has to follow

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Will you like to understand the basic concepts of selling annuity payments? This article has been carefully crafted for you; it will help you understand what annuity is and the process one has to follow to sell annuity payments. What is an annuity?
An annuity is an investment made on a long-term basis issued by an insurance firm. An annuity can as well be seen as a series of payments made at equal intervals for a specific period of time. To sell annuity payments can be attractive at times, however, an annuity is designed to provide aid or protect its owners from the risk of having to outlive their income as it relates to their earning.


In as much as annuities are meant to protect as well as provide cover in the future, some individuals still wish to sell their annuity for cash, and there are companies that buy out annuities from willing sellers.
Annuity payment can be certain or contingent. An annuity is certain when the equal payments begin and end at fixed times. Just like the payment on a home purchase with a bank loan. The reason is that the payments start on a fixed date. It will then continue until the period elapses.

Now, an annuity can be described as a payment or receipt of a fixed amount each period for a specified number of periods. Which explains why it seems to be attractive to most families due to its potency of working as a tax shelter.

How To Sell Annuity Payments?/ Selling Annuity Payments

Questions will arise on how, where or even ways one can sell annuity payments off to willing buyers. However, reason for selling off a structured annuity settlement could be a decision to raise capital. Owners of these annuity can actually decide on the best way to sell their annuity payment for cash. Even though contracts in these annuities differs, below are a few options to chose if you want to sell;

  1. Firstly, the partial sale method: As the name implies, it is a situation where an annuity owner sells off a part of an annuity plan. It is entirely at the power of the annuity owners to sell. The good part of this is that you get to continue receiving periodic income without the fear of losing out on the tax benefits attached to it.
  2. Secondly, the Entire Buyout method: This is a situation where an annuity owner decides to sell the entire annuity. In essence liquidating the entire investment. The benefits of enjoying periodic payment will be forfeited.
  3. Thirdly, the Lump Sum Method: When an individual decides to sell annuity payments for cash. You have the opportunity to sell lump sums of the annuity over a specific period of time. The fact is that, this option is the guaranteed source one can obtain income from an annuity plan.

Meanwhile selling can be a tedious task but then with the aid of experts one can actually sell off easily. Even if the owner wants to sell off his retirement annuity.

How Do Annuity Payments Work? / Selling Annuity Payments

Firstly, Annuity payments can be made at the beginning or at the end of each period. If the payments are made at the beginning of each period. The annuity is called an annuity due, where payments are made at the end of each period of annuity is called regular or ordinary annuity.
Differed annuity can be referred to as the annuity where the first payment is not made at the beginning or at the end of the first period. But at some later date. However, Fore-borne annuity is one when after the last payment is confirmed. The accumulated amount is kept to continue earn more interest for a particular period of time.

Also, the payment interval can be explained as the length of time between successive payments. It could be annually, semi-annually, monthly, weekly, daily or at any other fixed interval. The term annuity actually explains the time between the start of the first period payment and the end of the last periodic payment. The periodic payment is the amount of each payment in Dollars and cents.