Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card – for your everyday purchases.

If you’re looking for a great card for your everyday purchases, Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card is all you need. This card offers 4% Cashback on gas & groceries, 2% cashback on Drug Stores, and recurring bill payments. Plus 1% cashback on everything else you charge to your card.
Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card is issued by Scotiabank. It charges no annual fee in the first year.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card Benefits

  • Firstly, purchase security and extended warranty protection
  • Secondly, start a Cash Flow, consolidate all your recurring payments on your card and move them to cashback
  • Thirdly, get a supplementary card by adding an additional cardholder
  • Fourthly, save time at the checkout by using a smartphone for quick and easy payments
  • Cardholders make savings on car rentals.
  • Lastly, cardholders feel reassured as their finance can have added protection from life unpredictable events like disability, job loss, strike, etc.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card Fees And Rates

  • APR for Purchase – 19.99%
  • Annual Fee – $39
  • APR for balance transfer – 22.99%
  • APR for Cash Advance – 27.99%
  • Late Payment charges – 3%
  • Cash Advance charge 3% or $50
  • Credit limit – $500.

Requirements For Application Of Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card

  • Firstly, the applicant must have a passport or National identification Card Number
  • Have a Tax Registration Number
  • Must have financial information Including monthly income taxes, assets (Such as your property, car, savings account, etc)
  • Lastly, you’re previous address if you have lived at your current residence for less than 2 years.

How To Apply For Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card

  • On the Web page of Scotiabank,
  • Enter your personal details such as;
    First name, middle name, and Last name, Home phone, Mobile phone, Email address,
    Date of Birth, Country of Birth, City of birth, Gender, Marital Status, Mother’s Maiden Name, number of dependents

Additional information:

  • Are you related to an employee at Scotiabank?(Yes or No)
  • Will this card be used to conduct transactions on behalf of someone other than you, the Authorized cardholder?(Yes/No)
  • Proof of Identification (ID) – Passports Number or National Identification Card Number, Tax Registration number.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Continue’.

How To Check For Card Application Status

To check your Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card Application Status, contact at (800) 747-3208.

How To Activate Card

  • To activate your credit card call at 1-866-583-6289 or
  • Click on Activate online link on the web page of Scotiabank
  • Thirdly, on the new page, enter your 16- digit (VISA) Credit Card number
  • Then, Click on the “ Continue” button.

How To Login To Scotiabank Momentum Visa Cards

  • Log in to the home page of Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Navigate to the login section on the page, click on “Sign In”
  • Enter your username or card Number and Password
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

How To Recover Scotiabank Momentum Visa Card Password

  • At the “Sign In” section, click on the “forgot username or password” link
  • On the new page, enter your credit card number,
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button.

For Password

  • On the new page, key in your Username or card number
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

How To Report A Lost or Stolen Credit Card

To report a lost or stolen credit card call at 1-800-387-6466 (Canada/USA).

How To Make Bill Payment With Scotiabank Momentum Visa Cards

  • Firstly, sign in online to your account
  • Or use the online payment via the mobile app
  • Contactless payment
  • At a branch.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Cards Customer Service Number

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Cards customer Service center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week contact at 1(800) 747-3208.

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