Sapphire Card Activation – just makes shopping faster and easier.

Carry no cash around for payment, rather pay with your Sapphire card. It is faster and easier. Sapphire card activation gives great offers to the users like bonuses, credit points, reward points, free gifts, cashback offers, etc. The main benefit that affects the cardholders is easiness in payments and purchase reliability. It just makes shopping easier. To activate, just follow the steps below;

Sapphire Card Activation

Sapphire Card Activation | How to Activate Sapphire Card

Activating your card is the first thing to do after receiving it. There are two ways to activate your Sapphire card. Choose any of them that is convenient for you.

Sapphire Card activation online

Users need the Sapphire card, card number, address, contact number, personal identification, username, and password at the time of activating cards. Make sure that you are providing the exact and accurate information whenever it is required. Now, follow the steps and guidelines to complete your process quickly.

  • Firstly, visit an official Sapphire card activation site
  • Secondly, enter the Username and Password there carefully. (Users whom still haven’t registered yet can click on the provided option below for Not Enrolled or Sign Up which new user haven’t registered)
  • Thirdly, provide your card details, personal identification, follow the instructions and your card will be activated soon.
  • In case if the user has forgotten USERNAME or PASSWORD then you have to click on FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD.
  • After that, you will reach on the next page then you have to enter the details that shown below.
  • If you are not enrolled and if you want to Sign-Up then you have to click on SIGN-UP NOW option.
  • After you reach on the next page you have to decide what kind of account you want to access. There are three account options. Select one of the three accounts which you want to use then after, you have to fill in some of the details.
  • Lastly, if you want to Sign-In with a token then you have to click on USE TOKEN. After some time you will reach the next page.
  • NOTE- Users must sign back just after completing the process. It will help the cardholders to get assured of the card activation. Accomplishing this operation online might face problems like the server, timeout issue, connection problem etc. In case you face these problems you have another optional way to complete the task. i.e. Over phone call.

Sapphire Card Activation Over Phone

It will be preferable to dial the activation number the activation with the phone that you have associated or linked to the bank account. Just keep your card and personal identification documents in your hand. Follow the instructions available below and complete your task over the phone call.

  • Firstly, Dial Sapphire card activation number with the associated number at 1-800-432-3117.
  • Secondly, provide your card number and other related details asked by customer support.
  • Follow the instructions given by the instructor on the phone and your card will be activated soon.

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