Rootine Vitamins Review

In this Rootine vitamin review, we will be giving you detailed information about all you need to know about Rootine vitamins.

What is Rootine Vitamins?

Before you think of taking a Rootine vitamin, you must first understand what it is, how it works and how your body can benefit from it.

Rootine is a vitamin that supports your health based on your goals. It incorporates your DNA, lifestyle factors (like diet), and blood levels and creates a hundred percent custom-dosed daily vitamin for each user.

The Rootine company was created to combat the use of generic multivitamins that people have consuming blindly for years.

This online company carries out an in-depth physical and lifestyle assessment and thereafter breaks down exactly what you need, and the reasons you need it.

This highly customized process helps eliminate guesswork, which curbs the random taking of multivitamins.

With Rootine, you have transparency, as it shows you everything from what you need or what you don’t, as well as the nutrients that you should actively avoid.

History of Rootine Vitamins

Rootine was co-founded by Rachel Sanders and Dr. Daniel Wallerstofer, who saw a huge gap in how mainstream vitamins operated. After a decade of research, the Rootine team created an algorithm to successfully deliver a highly detailed answer to the number of nutrients each person requires, and how much is best.

Merits & Demerits of Rootine


  • Rootine, contains easy to understand ingredients
  • It contains vitamins, essentially A, C, E, and K
  • Is capable of boosting prostate health.
  • Efficiently works alone, thus the only multivitamin you need to take.
  • Contains only the highest grade vegetarian nutrients
  • Uses a scientific algorithm specially tailored to meet your vitamin requirements.
  • These slow-release microbeads are more natural for us to absorb, like real food.
  • Uses modern scientific algorithms backed by decades of research.


  • Can be up to $60/month
  • To get the best results, semi-regular bloodwork is essential.
  • Needs testing to get your vitamins compared to generic companies.

The Rootine Diagnostic System / How It Works

Rootine vitamins are carefully tailored to people through their 3 tests.

Step 1: Lifestyle & Diet Questionnaire

Take the Lifestyle Quiz

Complete the DNA Test

Start Your Rootine

The Lifestyle Quiz

This first assessment is a basic multiple-choice questionnaire. It asks intending users a list of multiple-choice questions as regards their diet, stress levels, general happiness, physical measurements, amount of exercise, and a few general weekly-basis lifestyle questions.

After these questions, Rootine shows the user the nutrients he/she probably needs or does not need depending on their quiz answers.

Step 2 – DNA Sample

ADNA sample enables rootine to tailor your nutrients needs depending on your genetics. Every Rootine supplement order is different for each user.

Here, the DNA sample reveals your genetic nutrients needs, this helps you not to go round in circles and reveals what you might be seriously lacking because every person’s genetic needs are different.

Your DNA can be forwarded if you’ve ever used companies like 23&Me or Ancestry if not, they offer a testing kit to be ordered straight to your home.

Step 3 – Bloodwork (Optional)

Even though this step is optional, but you should note that the bloodwork test really nails down exactly how much nutrients your body requires and is recommended for the most accurate results.

If your blood is tested, Rootine can get a clear understanding of how much nutrients your body absorbs and at what rate. This is a big detail in customizing your order for your needs.

Each person’s nutrients consumption is at a different rate, and the blood test shows Rootine scientists just how much of an ingredient you require on a daily basis.

Note that the details of our blood are always changing especially after a few months of changing your nutrient habit for the better, thus it is expedient you send in multiple samples of bloodwork overtime.

How to Calculate Your Nutrient Recommendations

First, create a complete picture of you by analyzing your DNA, blood levels and lifestyle data.

Next, compare your data against the current scientific research and medical findings.

Then develop a 100% custom nutrient blended to meet your exact demands.

Rootine Vitamins Contains;


Folic acid


Alpha-lipoic acid








Vitamin B12

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E



Each of these nutrients is in the form of individual vegetarian microbeads, which allows rootine to alter the amount of each ingredient for your specific nutrient requirements.

These tiny slow-release beads are easy to swallow and our stomach can digest these microbeads over a 12-hour period, which is a much natural medium of absorbing vitamins as compared to single larger pills.

Rootine Vitamins Order Process

Rootine is a $60/month subscription ($40 for the first month with a discount), which is quite expensive than some alternative multivitamins. But seeing that it is the only multivitamin you really need to take and additionally, you see how much nutrients you need and why it is very beneficial within itself, you can consider that price quite cheap.

Before ordering, Rootine requires a 3-month minimum commitment. Although, this is largely due to the amount of free research they run for your results before the vitamin is sent to you.

If you are not sending your DNA test from other media like Ancestry, it means you are going to have to order your DNA sample test. It is at an extra $21, and a return package with the shipping information included and paid for.

Final Note

Routine philosophy keeps finding the genetic blueprint of each person in order to get the most detailed understanding of an individual before confidently administering what the person needs.

It is quite legit, between the customized process, high-quality ingredients, as well as the transparency of the whole process, this vitamin brand is top-notch.

With routine, your search for a basic multivitamin is over, once you break down exactly what you need. Each routine test is a piece of a puzzle aimed at revealing the picture that is your nutrient requirements.

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