RoomPlace Credit Card – offers good financing options on home furniture.

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RoomPlace Credit Card offers convenient financing options on home furniture. You can stock up your rooms with any kind of furniture you desire using this credit card.
RoomPlace credit card is issued by Comenity Bank with other exclusive savings offers and plans. Apply for The RoomPlace credit card today. The application process is easy and takes only a few minutes. Once you are approved and have received your account information, you can begin enjoying all the benefits of your credit card account.

RoomPlace Credit Card

RoomPlace Credit Card Benefits

  • Advanced notice of special offers
  • Offers cardholders 6 months financing options without interest, if you make your payments within 6 months. Also, there are no down payments or minimum purchase
  • Cardholders are also offered a 12-month financing option if they pay their balance in full, within the next 12 months of purchase without interest. But the minimum purchase must be $750
  • There’s also 18-month financing, where you will not pay any interest if you make your payments within the next 18 months of purchase. Here, the minimum purchase has to be $1,000
  • A 24- month financing is also given without interest if you make your payment within the next 24 months. The minimum purchase is expected to stand at $3,000
  • The 48-month financing, requires no interest for the first 48 months after the date of purchase, as long as you pay your dues within the stipulated period. The minimum amount of purchase is at $4,000.
  • It’s 51-month financing, charges an interest rate of 10.99% only for the next 51 months after your purchase has been made. Also, the minimum purchase for this financing option is $999.

How to Apply for RoomPlace Credit Card

  • You can apply for RoomPlace CC in-store from 22 outlets.

To apply for a Rooms Place credit card online, follow this step by step guide to apply;

  • Firstly, scroll to the Comenity Bank homepage
  • Secondly, go through the important information, about opening an account
  • Next, you are to provide the following personal information; First name, Last name, Social security number, Annual income, MI ( optional), Suffix (optional), Date of birth.
  • Thereafter, you are to provide the following contact information; Zip code, Street address, Suite or Apartment, City, State, Email address, Confirm email address, Mobile phone, Alternate phone.
  • Also, you are to add an authorized buyer by tapping on the “Yes” or “No” icon.
  • Next, tap on the “Continue” button to be further directed on what to do.

How to Activate RoomPlace Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired Rooms Place credit card, call at, 630-738-8000.

How to Login RoomPlace Credit Card

To login Rooms Place CC,

  • Firstly, scroll to the login page
  • Secondly, key in your Username and Password
  • Thirdly, tap in the “Remember Me” box
  • Lastly, tap “sign” in, to login to Rooms Place credit card.

Rooms Place Credit Card Customer Service Number

Call: 630-738-8000
Email: [email protected]) to gain access to a customer service agent.