Ritual Vitamins for Women Review

In this ritual vitamins for women review, we will be covering all that you need to know about ritual vitamins, it’s benefits and cons, how it compares with other brands, what products it offers, why are they necessary, how safe they are, how you can order for one, what customers say about the product and a brief history of the ritual vitamins to guide you better.

Ritual Vitamins are a multivitamin company aimed at women based out of LA.

Ritual multivitamin emphasizes on including ingredients that women actually need leaving out the filler. Its philosophy is similar to the aesthetic of their product which is simple and transparent. From the details of each 9 simple ingredients (11 for prenatal) to where they source each nutrient, Ritual believes in sharing every information.

Ritual Vitamins History

Ritual vitamins were founded by its CEO and founder, Katerina Schneider, who started Ritual while pregnant because she couldn’t find any vitamin company that she could trust.

After scouring for a parental multivitamin with the ingredients that she needed, Katerina came to the conclusion that mainstream vitamin companies sell products based on recipes from 50 years ago. Nutrients that women need were in minuscule servings, while ingredients that is either found in basic food or filler that with no health benefits filled the majority of the recipe.

Katerina armed with this knowledge, teamed up with Dr. Luke Bucci to formulate a supplement made from the best available ingredients in the most bioavailable form.

Merits & Demerits of Ritual Vitamins for Women


It is gluten-free

Comes in mint flavor

Easy refill subscription service

It’s allergen-free


Quite expensive

How Does Ritual Vitamins Compare With Other Brands

Most other vitamin brands are borne out of nutrients that are very easily found in basic foods, which you don’t actually need most of them.

Ritual, on the other hand, uses bioavailable ingredients that are much less common nutrients, that the common woman actually lacks in her diet.

It uses a smooth and transparent casing, which is much easier to swallow than a chalky generic multi-vitamin. It’s peppermint flavor, gives it an essential refreshing taste and scent.

Range of Ritual Vitamins Products

Essential for Women Prenatal

This range of multivitamin is formulated to support neural tube development and healthy baby development with additional nutrients for the mother and carries an additional 3 ingredients (choline, iodine, biotin).

Essential for Women

Manufactured to supplement for what your diet lacks, blood and organ support, and bone health, the basic Essential, is a 2-per-day multivitamin.

It consists of 9 basic ingredients packed into a capsule for you to take twice per day. Essential for Women is $30/month for a regular subscription.

Essential for Women 50+

Ritual also has an Essential 50+ in the works which is a post-menopause multivitamin for older women. Essential 50+ contains a total of 8 basic nutrients.

How Safe are Ritual Vitamins

Founded as an alternative to sketchy vitamin brands, the Ritual pills are just as safe as it gets. The attractive part of these vitamins is how simple and straightforward the recipe is.

Ritual on its websites goes further to list each ingredient with details of benefits of those nutrients, and the source location of each one.

These vitamins are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and made without colorants or synthetic fillers.

With Ritual, you can be sure you won’t feel nauseous even on a completely empty stomach, and the smooth casing offers even less of a choking hazard.

Ingredients Breakdown  / Benefits of Ritual Vitamins

Vitamin B12: Brain and nerve function and supports energy.

Vitamin D3: Supports bone health, cognitive support, and immune-boosting

Vitamin E: Functions as an antioxidant, anti-aging, skin health

Vitamin K2: Aids healthy skin, bone and heart health.

Folate: For heart health, mood support, DNA synthesis, and Brain health.

Omega-3: Supports heart and brain health, bone support.

Iron: For brain health, energy support and boosts red blood cell production.

Magnesium: For bone and heart health, and supports a good mood.

Boron: Enhances bone and joint health, and at the same time supports hormones.

Additional 3 Ingredients for Essential Prenatal

Choline: Aids the brain and central nervous system health.

Iodine: For thyroid support

Biotin: Enhances energy and gene expression.

Are Ritual Vitamins Actually Worth It?

With an array of all the ingredients used in the Ritual subscription, you’d be arriving at a $300 purchase to get the same nutrients. So we boldly say yes, that Ritual is actually worth the price you pay for it. Normally, to get this kind of recipe from other vitamins, you’d find yourself ordering a minimum of 4 different bottles for 5 times the cost.

To make it better, Ritual offers a full refund if you do not like their vitamins, so you actually lose nothing by trying it out.

Ordering From Ritual Vitamins

Ritual has a straightforward ordering process.

All you have to do is make an account with your email and a password, enter your payment information and address, and thereafter select when you want your vitamins to arrive.

$30 per month – or $35 for prenatal. The shipping fee is covered by Ritual, thus you are only paying for the product itself.

If you are not impressed with the Ritual product, you’ll be offered a full refund.

What Customers Have to Say About Ritual Vitamins

From Ritual’s physical pill to the listed ingredients, users love the overall transparency. The mint taste helps users keep up with their scheduled doses.

Women agree that Ritual gives them a boost of energy as compared to coffee.

Some find it capable of replacing their coffee needs in the morning offering a natural kick without the caffeine come-down.

Another user testifies of taking Ritual at midday to combat her regular afternoon slump after launch.

On the whole, women testify that Ritual and their products give them a good deal for their money.

Final Note

Ritual uses bioavailable ingredients that are much less common nutrients that the common woman actually lacks in her diet. With a smooth and transparent casing, which is much easier to swallow than a chalky generic multi-vitamin. It’s peppermint flavor, gives it an essential refreshing taste and scent and makes a Ritual a great alternative to the nutrients you need.

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