Quest Diagnostics – learn about Quest Diagnostic hours and get coupons

Are you looking for Quest Diagnostics locations in your area? Do you want to learn about the Quest Diagnostic hours and get coupons for deals? If yes, this article is for you.

Quest Diagnostics - learn about Quest Diagnostic hours and get coupons

What Is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics is an American chain of clinical labs. This firm was founded in 1967. At present, it is now a 500 company with about 300 locations in the United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, and U K. it has more than 45,000 workers and gives a lot of testing and medical services. Their services include testing for infectious diseases, drug testing, neurological disorders, cancers, and testing for cardiovascular diseases. Their headquarters is in Secaucus, New Jersey. There are about 2,985 Quest Diagnostic centers in the U S.  Below are Quest Diagnostic Centers in the US:

  • Alabama: 14
  • Arkansas: 15
  • Arizona: 1
  • California: 431
  • Colorado: 49
  • Connecticut: 119
  • DC: 3
  • Delaware: 14
  • Florida: 263
  • Georgia: 14
  • Iowa: 4
  • Idaho: 2
  • Illinois: 76
  • Indiana: 10
  • Kansas: 19
  • Kentucky: 18
  • Louisiana: 18
  • Massachusetts: 102
  • Maryland: 56
  • Maine: 2
  • Michigan: 53
  • Minnesota: 5
  • Missouri: 34
  • Mississippi: 3
  • Montana: 7
  • North Carolina: 20
  • Nebraska: 2
  • New Hampshire: 16
  • New Jersey: 90
  • Nevada: 31
  • New Mexico: 15
  • New York: 178
  • Ohio: 41
  • Oklahoma: 3
  • Oregon: 23
  • Pennsylvania: 165
  • Rhode Island: 4
  • South Carolina: 10
  • Tennessee: 16
  • Texas: 175
  • Utah: 4
  • Virginia: 39
  • Washington: 41
  • Wisconsin: 5
  • West Virginia: 3
  • Wyoming: 2

Further, popular Quest Diagnostic centers include Las Vegas, Gainesville, Tampa, Fresno, Naples, Orlando, San Jose, San Antonio, Chico, Reno, Austin, San Diego, Fremont, Colorado, Atlanta, etc.

Quest Diagnostics Near Me

TO FIND Quest Diagnostics near you, use the map below. But, if the map is not clear to you, use the map on their official website. The map above helps you to find Quest Diagnostics locations near you. You will see red icons on the map. If the map does not show the right area, click on ‘’View Larger Area’’. Browse the map in the next page and click on ‘’Search This Area’’, this will take you to the location near you. Select the area that catches your interest and get to know its average rating, name, and address.

You are also free to save a specific Quest Diagnostics lab address with your Google account. To do this, choose the lab that interests you and click ‘’Save’’.

Further, you can read quest diagnostic reviews of a particular lab. To do this, click on the lab that interests you and tap ‘’No of Reviews’’ You can start reading them.

What is Quest Diagnostics Hours?

To know the hours, click on the lab that interests you, click on ‘’View Larger Map’’ and check the hours.

The Quest Diagnostics hours are below:

  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm. Saturday: 7 am to 1 pm. Sundays are closed.
  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 2:30 pm. Weekend closed.
  • Further, Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 3:30 pm. Weekend closed.
  • Lastly, weekdays: 7 am to 4 pm and weekends closed.

Quest Diagnostics Coupons

If you want to buy at discounted prices, take these coupons in the link below.

How much does blood work cost at Quest Diagnostics?

The prices range based on the exact one you want to perform. They start from $20 to $300. You can get up to150 blood tests here. As for blood tests, they range from $30 to $200. It takes 1 to 4 days to get the results of the drug test from here. However, if the results are negative, you may get them within 1 day.

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