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Have you experienced legal malpractice? This can be very painful. You feel completely betrayed. What can you do? You can actually get the justice you deserve. All you need is a legal malpractice lawyer. He will help you find the justice you deserve. Keep reading to get more details about Professional Responsibility Lawyer Near Me.

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To find a legal malpractice lawyer near you, browse the map below. You will find a legal malpractice lawyer in your location. Take some time to browse more about his reviews, working hours, and bookings.

What is legal malpractice?

Legal malpractice happens when a lawyer handles a case inappropriately either due to negligence or with intent to harm. This may cause damages to a client. To prove legal malpractice can be quite hard. Usually, the client needs to hire a separate attorney to help navigate and prevail in a legal malpractice lawsuit. You must also prove that you have a true attorney-client relationship with the lawyer you are suiting. It is only a new attorney, you can prove a breach of the duty to provide competent representation, causation of their negligence, and any financial loss accrued due to their missteps. When legal malpractice occurs, don’t hesitate to hire a new lawyer and get the money you deserve.

Is there a statute of limitations on legal malpractice cases?

In many states, the statute of limitations by which you can pursue a case is three years. For other states, it may be more or less. Also, the timeline of the case too is important. If the attorney considered to represent you after the malpractice occurred or the malpractice has been concealed from you for quite some time, then you may not even learn of the malpractice until the three-year time frame has elapsed. Under these conditions, the law will provide you with additional time to seek justice. Even if years have elapsed, you may still have a solid case on your hands. All you need is an experienced professional to give you justice.

What are some responsibilities of a lawyer?

Each lawyer has a professional responsibility to protect the interest of his client. This interest must be protected whether it is a divorce case, land dispute, or any other kind of case.  Your lawyer must help you understand your legal rights, obligations, and any practical implications within your case. As an advocate, they are tasked with asserting your position under the rules of the legal adversary system. On the other hand as a negotiator, a lawyer must use tact and intelligence to negotiate to your advantage.

As an evaluator, a lawyer must always examine your legal affairs and report them to you and to others involved in your case. As you search legal malpractice or professional responsibility lawyer near me, always keep these responsibilities in mind. Your lawyer must give you a level of professionalism and honesty.

Another option

The fact is that you don’t need to sue your lawyer to get the justice you deserve. You can file a grievance with the ethics committee or the state bar association. This ensures that all attorneys are in good standing to renew their licenses. In this case, Lawyers with lots of grievances stacked against them may not have their license removed. This can make your lawyer to be disbarred and then forced to pay you compensation for his mistakes. The interesting thing here is that if you are disputing a fee with your lawyer, a lot of states have a fee dispute committee that can help you to obtain a resolution without ever stepping foot inside of a court.

However, you can as well hire another attorney to settle your case without even going after your former attorney. Also, it is best to hire an attorney that can negotiate on your behalf and get a settlement. Suing your lawyer takes money, energy, and time. In some cases, you are not even certain of what the outcome will be. So use any possible option that won’t cost you much.

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