Pet Sitting Near Me – hire a professional pet sitter to keep your pet safe

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Are you one of those people who cannot leave their pets for a single moment? Do you take your pet with you even to vacations, workshops, and events? If you answered yes to the questions, this workshop is for you. Here you will learn about pets sitting near you. You get to hire a professional pet sitter to keep your pet safe and sound.

Pet Sitting Near Me

Pet Sitting Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a pet sitter near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of trusted pet sitters in your location. Also browse further to learn more details like; reviews about the pet sitter, bookings, and his/her charges.

 Is it true that pet sitting is more expensive than boarding at a kennel?

This is true; many kennels are often cheaper than pet sitting services. It is so because kennels provide minimum one-on-one contact with your dog. This happens because they take care of many animals. In most cases, they only have contact with a dog while feeding, watering, or letting them out to potty. One other reason is that kennels are filled with many dogs in one place. The animals are easy to feed and locate.

Pet sitting gives your pet a lot of conveniences. The pet sitter only has your pet to tend to at a moment. There are no distractions and anything that will put your pet in harm’s way.

How much do pet sitters charge per day?

The amount a pet sitter charges varies depending on location. On average, a pet sitter charges from $55,000 and $60.00 for one dog. For people who have more than one pet, they may remove a few bucks for you as a discount.  The charge further depends on the quality of care you need for your pet. Do you want your dog to be bathed and groomed; you will pay some extra money if yes. In some locations, the average rate may be lower or higher especially in rural and urban areas.

What does a pet sitter do?

Pet sitting is the “process of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away on vacation.” It involves taking the pet for a walk, exercise and being a companion to it. Depending on how long you plan to stay, you hire a pet sitter to care for your friend. Hiring a reputable pet sitter keeps your little friend safe and sound.

Duties of an average pet sitter:

-Feeding and changing water bowls

-Providing exercise and play

-Cleaning litter boxes or other pet messes

-Administering medications

-Providing lots of love and companionship

However, some pet sitters help around the house. They may help bring in the mail or newspapers. Others alternate the blinds to give your home a “lived-in” look and clean a few areas.

Advantages of Hiring a pet sitter

  • It keeps your pet safe and secure and keeps it from going to a new environment that may be unfriendly.
  • Your pet has a companion who is a professional even in your absence.
  • It enjoys some comfort and happiness.
  • As some pet sitters help to clean up your home and keep your home lively while you are absent, it is good.
  • Lastly, your animals keep up with their daily routine even in your absence.