Peebles Credit Card – makes your birthday remarkable every year

Enjoy cashback, discounts, and special savings offers from Pebbles Stores using the Peebles Credit Card. This card makes your birthday remarkable every year with special gifts.
Peebles credit card is issued by Comenity Bank with no annual fee charge attached and no introductory APR rate required. On the whole, it is a credit card with good credit requirements.

Peebles Credit Card

Peebles Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, cardholders who make purchases worth $100 can earn a $5 payback
  • Secondly, offers special savings offers
  • Thirdly, enjoy Club 40 & fabulous discounts
  • Fourthly, cardholders receive birthday gifts
  • Lastly, $10 offered for Preferred and $20 for Platinum cardholders.

Peebles Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee –None charged
  • Introductory APR Rate – None required
  • Normal APR Rate –25.24
  • Cash Advance APR Rate– N/A
  • Cash Advance Fee –N/A

How to Apply for the Peebles Credit Card

Application Criteria

If you wish to apply and get approved for the Peebles credit card, you must meet the following criteria;

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a resident of the United States of America
  • You should have a valid government-issued photo ID
  • An applicant must have a street, rural route or APO/FPO mailing address
  • Must have a clear credit history
  • Lastly, the applicants must have a valid Social security number.

How to Apply

  • Firstly, visit the application homepage of the pebbles. Read through the important details and terms about opening an account prior to submitting your application.
  • Enter in your personal details in the fields provided, this includes; First name, Last name, Suffix, Social security number, Date of birth, Annual income
  • Thereafter, proceed to the Contact details section, which requires the following information; Street address, Suite or Apt, City, State, Zip code, Email address, Mobile phone, Alternate phone
  • Choose the “Yes” option below, if you wish to add an authorized buyer, else check “No”
  • Finally, tap on the “Continue” button to proceed with the validation process.

How to check application status

Applicants who desire to check their application status can do so by calling the customer service at 1-800-723-4548 and thereafter provide their application reference number.

How to cancel the credit card

Cardholders who wish to cancel their credit card, or close their account, can achieve this by calling the bank at1-800-723-4548 or visit the bank to request for account closure.

How to Activate Card

Contact the customer service at 1-800-723-4548 and thereafter provide your card details.

Customer Service

Call: 1-800-723-4548.

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