Paypal Card Activation – access easy transactions and secured payment

You can only have access to experience easy transactions and secured payment options by activating your Paypal card. Get on the go with others with Paypal card activation. It not only empowers you to get a flexible money exchange service but you get value for your card. To activate your card is simple. Follow the step by step process below to activate;

Paypal Card Activation

Paypal Card Activation | How to Activate Paypal Credit and Debit Cards

Activating your Paypal card is the only way to enjoy the benefits of Paypal cards. All the Paypal cards follow the same process of card activation. Activation can be done online or over a phone call.

Paypal Card Activation Online

  • Firstly, the customers need to visit the official website in order to activate Paypal cards
  • Secondly, where the customer needs to share their Email ID in order to Sign In.
  • Once, you successfully Sign In then go to the “Profile and Setting”.
  • Then, the customer needs to click on the “My Money” option.
  • Next, the customer has to press the Update button next to “PayPal Business Debit MasterCard or Paypal credit card or Paypal debit card, depending on the type of Paypal card you are having”
  • Select the card to activate and click the “Activate Now” button.
  • Next, share the required information and press the “Activate Debit / Credit Card” button.
  • After completing the process successfully you will be notified about successful activation.

PayPal Card Activation Over A Phone Call

The customer can choose the phone call option in order to Activate PayPal Card. It is a simple procedure, the customer just needs to make a phone call to 1-800-314-8298. On the phone call, an instructor will guide you to activate your PayPal Card. Follow the upcoming prompt steps to activate Paypal cards successfully. Once you follow the steps and complete the activation process you will get a notification after completing the process.

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