Opus Credit Card – keeps things very simple from money transfers

Move cash straight into your bank account using the Opus Credit Card. This one card is enough for all your credit essentials. When only cash will do, a money transfer is a smart way to access cash from your Opus credit card. It’s quick and easy to arrange and it can be cheaper than taking money out from a cash machine. Opus keeps things very simple from money transfers to text reminders that help you stay on track.

Opus Credit Card

Opus Credit Card Benefits

  • Cardholders can make purchases as well as transfer cash into their bank account with this card
  • Money transferred can be used at restaurants, grocery stores, online shopping, and lots more
  • Does not require a good credit score for approval
  • Offers 24×7 online account management benefits
  • Your Opus credit card can be used anywhere MasterCard has accepted; up to 36 million locations globally
  • Cardholders can save on paying interest if they pay in full within 48 days of purchase
  • Charges no-interest period on money transfers, cash advances, and balance transfers

Opus Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee –None charged
  • Cash Advance – None
  • Balance Transfer Rate – 2.84% monthly (Variable)
  • APR Rate – 39.9%
  • Credit Limit – £250 to £1,200
  • Late Payment Fee – £12

How to Apply for Opus Credit Card

The application can be done through the Post or Online, applicants are to do the following;

Through Post

  • Fill the online form
  • Print the form
  • Provide your signature, and mail it to the address below;

Opus card applications
PO Box 266
S98 1QW

Apply Online

  • Scroll to the Opus application home page, and provide the following info; Title, Complete name, DOB, Marital status, Security word
  • Next, you are to provide the following contact info; Email address, Phone number, Residential status, Postcode
  • Thereafter, you are to complete the financial info section with the details required, which includes your income and bank details
  • Finally, go through the important info provided in the box below and tap the “Apply Now” tab.

How to Activate Opus Card

  • To activate your newly acquired Opus credit card, call at 0333-414-1077.

How to Login Opus Card Account

  • Scroll to the login page of Opus credit card
  • Supply your correct Username and your Password
  • Lastly, tap “Next” to login Opus credit cards account

How to Recover Username or Password

  • Firstly, scroll to the “Forgot Password” link, on the login page of the Opus card
  • Secondly, you are to create a new password and confirm the same for your credit card

How to Make Opus Credit Cards Bill Payment

  • Firstly, sign in to your account
  • Secondly, locate the payment tab
  • Thirdly, choose the one that best suits you and make your credit card payment

Opus Credit Card Contact Number

Call: 0333-414-1077, or alternatively visit a customer service page, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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