Opal Card Activation – Experience a smooth journey to your destination

Experience a smooth journey to your destination with an Opal card. Instead of carrying cash around, pay with your Opal card. It is convenient and fast with just a swipe. Your Opal card activation opens your door to easy and flexible traveling.

Your journey to school, work, or occasion is made comfortable with an Opal card. To activate the card, follow the steps below;

Opal Card Activation

Opal Card Activation | How to Activate Opal Card Online and by Phone

The Opal card activation process is not long, it is just a few clicks to complete the process. An activated Opal card offers their customers relief from paying through cash, instead, it allows their customers to make card transactions by swiping the card. It will save customers time. Now, let’s check the methods of activation. There are two methods to activate Opal Card viz. online and over the phone call methods.

Opal Card Activation Online

The online activation requires Internet access in order to visit its official site and start the activation process, where customers will be asked to share their personal details if required. Customers are suggested to go through the step-by-step process.

  • Firstly, The users have to visit its official website in order to Activate Opal Card.
  • On the welcome page, the user has to provide Opal Card Number, which is situated back side of the Opal card, and press the “Continue” button.
  • Then the user needs to put the PIN number which is generated at the card requested time.
  • Once you complete the procedure you will receive a notification of Success in your card activation.

Opal Card Activation Over a Phone Call

The opal cardholder can activate Opal Card offline via using the phone. This method demands to make a phone call to Opal Call Center in order to Activate Opal Card. Now, let’s see the option by going through it step by step.

  • Those who are leaving in Australia can make a phone call on 1800 447 792 in order to Activate Opal Card.
  • Those who are leaving outside of Australia can make a call on +61 2 9211 9341 in order to Activate Opal Card.
  • On the phone call, you will find automated instructions so you need to have your Opal Card and PIN Number in your hand in order to respond quickly and follow the prompt steps.
  • Once, you follow all the steps and complete the procedure you will receive a notification about successfully Opal Card Activation.

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