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Do you need your office to be in its best appearance? Are you aware that the furniture in your office speaks a lot about you and your company? Also, a well-furnished office helps you to be at the peak of your productivity. To make your office catchy, you need the very best office furniture. But where can you get them? Well, in this article, we will answer that question and give you lots of details about office furniture in your area.

Office Furniture Near Me

Office Furniture Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find some office furniture for your office space, browse on the map below and find a list of office furniture stores in your location. Also, you can choose a location and browse further about it. Get to know their contact address, the kind of furniture they have, their pricing, and method of delivery.

How many hours a day does the average office worker spend sitting?

The National Post says that the average worker sits for up to 10 hours a day. Since an average American works 1,700 hours per year, office workers are likely to spend about 17,000 hours in office chairs all their life. No wonder your office furniture really has to be very comfortable and flexible. When the chairs are not comfortable, you are likely to feel weak and pains in your body and this affects your productivity. To be happy and productive in your workplace, go for very comfortable furniture. Many people who are not productive in their offices are so because they are not using comfortable furniture.

Is it true that productivity is higher in ergonomic office chairs?

To be sincere, this is true. Productivity is higher in ergonomic office chairs. Naturally, we do more work happily when we are comfortable not when we feel pain. Productivity is higher in offices that supply ergonomic chairs for their employees. Also, researchers say that employees are around 17.5% more productive when working on an ergonomic chair. The same thing happens with highly adjustable office chairs. Comfort in the office brings productivity. Without the workers being comfortable, they cannot give their best.

It is also important to know that comfortable furniture protects you from strains and pains around your joints. This goes further to affect your overall health positively. But if you use uncomfortable furniture especially chairs, you will end up with strains or even a hospital. A sick person cannot work.

What can you do with Old Furniture?

If you really want to replace your furniture, you have to move away from the old ones. But check out the condition of the furniture. The ones still in good shape can be sold to a retailer or wholesaler. Many people just choose to donate the furniture to charity. However, if the furniture isn’t in good shape, contact a recycling program to recycle your furniture. You can shift them to your home after recycling especially the ones you are fond of.

Don’t Be Impulsive

Office furniture is not cheap at all. It is a capital-intensive project. Before you buy, take some time to decide what your office needs. Also, decide on what you can afford and the kind of material you need the furniture in. It is best to go for durable and comfortable furniture. If you buy on impulse, you may spend a lot and get the products that are not the best. You can choose items that will stand the test of time. Don’t choose based on beauty or color; consider the best quality to avoid replacing them every now and then. You can even ask your employees the kind of furniture they feel comfortable in and prefer.