Nootropics Guide

Here’s our Nootropics guide to help you make the best-informed decisions when it comes to purchasing nootropics and using them for optimal results.

Benefits of Nootropics

Nootropics are substances capable of enhancing the functionality of the brain in various capacities. The most important reason for taking nootropics, is that it improves the functionality of the brain, and as such, they are considered as “smart drugs” and the term cognitive enhancers is often used interchangeably in defining nootropics.

Nootropics, as shown by studies, are known to improve seven major functionalities of the brain; memory, executive function, attention span, motor skills, information processing, perception, and language.

Improves Information Processing

Nootropics are capable of improving spatial working memory. This is the ability to store information temporarily until a certain task is completed. This ability, in turn, gives room for different mental manipulation within the shortest time frame.

With good mental manipulation, it’s easy to take perfect informed decisions, when you are able to see the entire details from different perspectives.

Improves Memory

Good nootropics work on memory is by improving the connection between the neurons in the brain. It is done via the stimulation of brain cells to secrete more brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for carrying messages from one neuron to the other thus improving neuroplasticity.

Increasing the connection between the neurons that stores the memory is the key to a great memory. It is scientifically known as plasticity.

Improves Attention Span

Nootropics are known to greatly increase the attention span of the brain, which explains why physicians would usually prescribe such drugs to people with an attention disorder.

Nootropics, comes in handy, especially for those that are into creative work as well as students. Since generally, the attention span for an average individual is twenty(20) minutes, most times the inability to focus on something for a very long time is the reason we miss out on lots of opportunities, and most importantly why we make poor and uninformed decisions.

Nootropics also offer benefits in the following areas;

  • Improved Motor skills
  • For improved executive functions of the brain
  • Improves learning abilities
  • Reduces brain stress hormones.

Forms of Nootropics

There are various forms of nootropics, they come either as a supplement, herbs or in any other form you can think of and even coffee. There are also natural forms of nootropics examples of which includes fish oil, Gingko Biloba extract, all naturally occurring antioxidant and a whole range of others.

Difference Between Nootropics & Cognitive Enhancers

There is a clear difference between nootropics and cognitive enhancers even though both of them are often used interchangeably.

All nootropics are known to perform cognitive-enhancing function, while on the other hand, not all cognitive enhancers are nootropics. The difference here between the two lies in the perceived side effect.

Note, that the term nootropics is generally reserved for cognitive enhancers that have very minimal or no side effects whatsoever. Be it as it may, this term has been abused over the years, with people referring to cognitive enhancers as nootropics as long as they can improve certain brain function, without considering the possible side effects.

Generally, nootropics have no side effects on the brain, but cognitive enhancer on the other hand does. Note, however, there is no clear distinction between nootropics and cognitive enhancers as of now, since the market has been saturated with different products with no standard body armed with the responsibility of regulating them.

To understand this better, it means that new drugs called “nootropics” might have their own side effects, which is why it is very important to consult a physician or at the very least read other users’ reviews before committing to the long term use of certain cognitive enhancers.

Things to Consider Before Making a Nootropics Purchase

Nootropics are known to improve seven major functionalities of the brain, which include memory, executive function, attention span, motor skills, information processing, perception, and language, but most nootropics in the market are incapable of offering all these functionalities. Most tend to focus on two or three functionality at a time which may not really give you what you need.

Another confusing factor is the rave by big pharmaceutical companies who are trying frantically to push smart pills adverts on the web and offline in their marketing bid to sell more.

With this in mind, we are outlining some certain factors you need to consider before you make a purchase although they may not be the ultimate guide it will sure help.


The number of reviews on a particular product website accounts for its effectiveness. Note this should be verified purchases reviews as some companies are known to pay random people to leave good reviews on their product page. Another thing to note is the time difference in the reviews, to ensure that the good reviews are not dependent on the company’s hype and aggressive marketing effort.


Try as much as you can to search for products produced by companies that are especially into the production of nootropics. Though this may not be very strong criteria for choosing a nootropics supplement it can sure help in making a choice.

Number of Purchases

This is very important when you are making a nootropic selection. A product wit at least a thousand purchases shows that either the product is good or is being marketed aggressively, which makes it come highly recommended by people. Also considering a high number of purchases as a rating factor is because it gives room for variant opinion.

First Date On Amazon

All the products listed here are over six months old, which points to the fact that a product with good reviews over a long period of time is arguably meeting the demands of the users. If a product is not good, over time positive reviews will stop rolling in.

Amazon Star Rating

Search for products that have nothing less than 4/5 product star rating on Amazon. Although this rating may be highly subjective, it is still a valuable method of choosing the best nootropic supplement because it is formed by public opinion.

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