My Best Buy Visa Card – best cards for dining and gas purchases.

The My Best Visa Card is one of the best cards for dining and gas purchases. If you have fair credit and you want good rewards, go for Best Buy Visa card. Also, if you are a frequent shopper at Best Buy, make sure to get the card. However, if you meet the above expectations, be sure to always pay your credit card bills in full monthly.

My Best Buy Visa Card - best cards for dining and gas purchases.

Features and Benefits of My Best Buy Visa Card

  • First, cardholders get 10% reward points for their first purchases at the store. You can redeem the points only to buy more items at the store.
  • Secondly, the card has a high APR of 25.24%.
  • Thirdly, you get 2.5% for every dollar you spend in ob affiliated store.
  • Also, moreover, you also earn 1 point per $1 on purchases at restaurants, bars, and grocery stores.
  • All other spending gets 1 point for every $2 you spend.
  • For Elite Plus members ( people who spend up to $3,500 or more annually) they get 0.5 bonus points on all best buy purchases. But to earn reward points, you must pay for your purchases fully each month.
  • Also, you enjoy good returns on dining and grocery purchases. These rewards can only be redeemed for Bes Buy Rewards certificates which are gift cards for buying more in the store.
  • It is important to know that this 5% is very hard to get.
  • Lastly, even though this card finances your purchases, it as well nullifies the rewards you get from them. It will just look like you don’t have any reward. If you have to finance anything, it should be investments and nothing else.

Furthermore, this card permits you to finance some purchases with 0% APR within some time. You can qualify for different financial periods based on the purchasing amount.  Check the periods below:

Financing Period                                                                              Available for Purchases Totaling

6 months                                                                                             $199+

12 months                                                                                           $399+

18 months                                                                                           $599+

24 months                                                                                           $799+

Additionally, it is important to know that if you don’t pay your balance off in full and the financing period ends, you will pay very high interest. Sadly, the interest will be dated back to the time you made the purchases. Another thing is that if you finance a purchase with the Best Buy credit card, you will not qualify for reward points.

Comparison between My Best Buy Visa Card and My Best Buy Credit Card

My Best Buy Visa Card                                                   My Best Buy Credit Card

APR                        25.24%                                                                                  25.24%

Annual Fee         none                                                                                     none

Rewards              5% on Best buy purchases

Financing?          Yes                                                                                         Yes

Can be used…    Anywhere Visa is accepted                                          Only at Best Buy Stores.


2% on gas, grocery, and dinning                                  5% on Best buy purchases

1% cashback on any other thing.

Now, you know about the Best Buy credit cards and their features. If you really have to apply for any of their cards, go for the My Best Buy Visa Card as it has more benefits to offer.

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