Merchants Tire Credit Card – enjoy special offers at our Service Stations

Merchants Tire Credit Card can be used at Merchant Tire Service Stations to enjoy special offers. The card offers up to a $100 discount on the installation of 4 select tires, $20 off on the purchase of select installed batteries, and more. Cardholders pay no interest if the amount is paid in full within 6 months.
Merchants Tire Credit Card is issued by Citi Bank. This card charges a $0 foreign transaction fee and $0 annual fee. You can use various Merchant Tire Service Stations without incurring extra charges.

Merchants Tire Credit Card

Merchants Tire Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, no annual fee for card usage
  • Secondly, $0 foreign transaction fee applies
  • Thirdly, cardholders receive up to $100 discount on the installation of 4 select tires $20 off on the purchase of select installed batteries
  • Fourthly, this credit card offers a discount on the purchase of wiper blades
  • Lastly, charges no interest if paid in full within 6 months.

Merchants Tire Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • AF – None required
  • Introductory APR Rate – None charged
  • Normal APR Rate – Varies from 29.24
  • Cash Advance APR Rate – N/A
  • CAF – N/A

How to Apply for the Merchant Tires Tire Credit Card

Application Criteria

To apply for getting approved for the Merchants Tire Credit Card, applicants must meet the following criteria;

  • Firstly, the applicant must be a resident of the United States of America
  • Secondly, it is expected that the applicant must have a government-issued photo ID
  • Lastly, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

How to Apply

  • Firstly, visit the application home page of the Merchant’s Tire
  • Secondly, fill in your personal details which include the following details; First name, Middle name, Last name, Email address, Address, Phone, Financial info, Identification, Date of birth
  • Go through the account terms and details and then check the boxes if you agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions.
  • Submit form

Once your enrollment is approved the credit card company will send you a confirmation message.

How to check the status

Your application status can be checked by calling at 1-800-942-8210

Canceling credit card

To cancel a credit card, you are expected to contact the Merchant’s Tire by calling: 1-866-350-6855

To Activate Card

If you wish to activate your credit card, after it has been received, you can contact the credit card company by calling 1-866-350-6855

To make Payment

Login to the credit card account following the guidelines mentioned in the login page. Once you have logged in, you will discover the “Make Payment” button on the account dashboard.

A client can order an auto-debit that enables the credit card company to automatically collect the bills from your checking or savings account

Customer Service

Call: 1-866-350-6855


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