Marathon Credit Card – pump convenience for the speed you desire.

Get access to awesome extras, bonuses, and exclusives using the Marathon Credit Card. This card is issued by Comenity Bank with no annual fee. Cardholders get to enjoy rebates on all purchases with pay-at-the-pump convenience that gives you the speed you desire.
The application can be completed online and users can easily login online to manage their accounts and view account statements.

Marathon Credit Card

Marathon Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, no Annual fee charged
  • Secondly, cardholders get a 2¢ gallon rebate on all Marathon purchases
  • Thirdly, pay at the pump with ease
  • Fourthly, cardholders once accumulate$10 in rebates from your Marathon purchases, you will be sending a $10 cash card good at any time.
  • Lastly, manage your account and keep track of your credit card account anytime, anywhere.

Marathon Credit Card Fees And Rates

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases – 29.99%
  • Grace period – 25 days
  • Minimum Interest Charge – $2.00
  • Foreign Transaction fees – Not applicable
  • Annual Fee – None
  • Late Payment – up to $38.00
  • Returned Payment – up to $38.00

Criteria For Application Of Marathon Credit Card

  • Applicant must be at the age of majority in your State or Territory
  • Must have a valid Government-issued photo identification
  • Have a valid government tax identification number (Social security number)
  • Must have a Street rural route, or APO/FPO mailing address. P. O. Box’s mailing address is not accepted.

Marathon Credit Card Application Steps

  • Firstly, on the Home page of Marathon Credit Card,
  • Secondly, navigate downward and click on the ‘Apply’ button
  • Thirdly, read the electronic consent which includes the terms and conditions, Rates, and Fees.
  • Fourthly, on the next page, Enter your personal information in the blank space
  • Your first name, Last name, Suffix, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Annual income
  • Contact information: Zip Code, Street Address, Suite or Apt, City, State
  • Email address, confirmed Email, Mobile Phone, Alternate Phone,
  • Also, add Authorized Buyer account (Yes or No)
  • Then, click on the “ Continue “ button.

How To Activate – Marathon Credit Card Apply

Marathon Credit Card is activated by registering the Card online;

  • On the home page of Comenity Bank
  • Navigate and click ‘Register for Access’ Icon
  • On the next page submit details of your credit card account such as; Credit Card Account number, zip Code/ Postal Code, identification type, last numbers of your Social security,
  • Finally, scroll down to the button of the section and click on the ‘Find My Account’ button.

How To Login To Marathon Credit Card

  • Login to Comenity Bank Credit Card
  • Enter your User Name and Password in the blank space
  • Next, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

How To Recover Marathon Credit Card Username And Password.

  • On the ‘Login’ Page of the Comenity Bank
  • Scroll down and click on forgot your username or password
  • On the new page of forgot username or password
  • Complete the information needed, Account number or User name, Zip code, Identification Type and the last 4 number of your Social security number
  • Finally, scroll down and click on the ‘find my account’ button.

How To Make Bill Payment With Marathon Credit Cards Credit Card

  • Payment can be made by Logging into the credit card account online
  • Payment can also be done by mailing your payment to the address given below. Ensure that you include the payment stub along.

Customer Care Address
Comenity Bank
P. O. Box 182273
Columbus, OH, 43218-2273.

Lost or stolen Marathon Credit Cards

If your credit is lost or stolen quickly contact at 1-866-308-5730 or TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788.

Marathon Credit Cards Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Center Number of the Marathon Credit Cards is available for all inquiries and information. Call at; 1-866-308-5730 or TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788.

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