Lombard 180 Card – offers 0% interest for 6 months

Are you renovating or booking your next holiday, Lombard 180 Card makes it possible for you to achieve all you want. This card offers 0% interest for 6 months on purchases of $250 or more.
Lombard 180 Card is issued by Lombard Financial Services. Apply online or in-store and get a quick response. Take it home right away, with Interest-Free Terms.

Lombard 180 Card

Lombard 180 Card Benefits

  • Offers 0% interest for 6 months on any Lombard 180 Card purchase of 250 or more
  • There are up to 55 days on Lombard 180 Card purchases less than $250
  • Enjoy up to 48 months, when you shop at participating Lombard retailers
  • Take advantage of 0% interest for 6 months when requested at the time of application on any balance transfer
  • Just Wave & Go on Lombard 180 Card purchases less than $100.
  • Use your card wherever Visa is accepted worldwide
  • You can enjoy a convenient and secure way of making contactless payments using your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

Lombard 180 Card Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – $99
  • Standard Variable Rate – 25.99% p.a.
  • Interest on Cash Advances – 25.99% p.a.
  • Interest-Free Period – Up to 55days
  • Minimum Credit Limit – $1,000
  • Maximum Credit Limit – $30,000
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Fee (VISA) – 3% of the transaction value

How to Apply for Lombard 180 Card

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Should be a permanent Australian resident
  • Earn at least $25,000 p.a.
  • You should be employed permanent full-time, part-time or casual and work over 25 hours per week
  • A valid email address is needed
  • Have a good credit rating.

How to Apply

  • Go to the application page
  • Complete the following; Name, Residential address, Email address, Phone number, DOB, Marital status, and Number of dependents
  • Next, you are to enter your employer’s name and contact details
  • Then, your Income and Expenditure details are also needed
  • Thereafter, provide information about your assets such as property, vehicles, investments, and savings
  • Lastly, key in all details of all existing liabilities like loans, credit cards, store cards, and lines of credit.

When you submit your application, a Lombard Finance representative will contact you for additional info. You can notify your payroll department about an imminent income verification call, to help quicken your approval process. Those who are new to Lombard Finance will have to complete a legally required identity verification process.

How to Activate Lombard 180 Card

Immediately you get your card and PIN, you are to activate your card, by calling at 1300 132 301 or via Online Access.

How to Login Lombard 180 Card

  • Scroll to oa.lombardfinance.com.au
  • Enter Customer Number and Password
  • Key in the text shown above
  • Tap on the “Login” link.

How to Recover Lost or Stolen Cards

To recover a lost or stolen card, call at 1300 132 301.

How to Recover Password

  • Scroll to the login page
  • Tap on the “Forgotten your password” link
  • Enter your Customer Number and Mobile Number
  • Tap on the “Reset Password” link.

How to Make Bill Payment

Conveniently make your card payment, via the following mediums;

Direct Debit

  • Just arrange to have your payments automatically debited from your nominated bank account every month at no cost


  • Visit POSTBillPay.com.au or call at 13 18 16. Find your POSTBillPay details on your statement.


  • With BPAY, you can pay online or over the phone. Locate your BPAY details on your statement.

Payments that are made by methods other than Direct Debit, incur a $2.50 processing fee.

Customer Service Number

Call: 1300 132 301, for general info and inquiries.

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