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Are you a Jew by religion? If yes, do you need kosher grocery stores to make your purchases?  Kosher foods are eaten by people of the Jewish faith. The Jewish laws of the Torah forbid the causing of pain to any animals. This means that ritual slaughter by a “Schochet” must be performed to make the food kosher. Finding a kosher store is not hard at all; follow through on this work to learn more.Kosher Grocery Store Near Me


Kosher Grocery Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find the kosher grocery store near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of great kosher grocery stores in your location.

Is it true that you cannot eat beef or fish if you are Jewish?

Also, the answer is no. cattle and lambs only that you have to slaughter them properly according to kosher law. The same law applies to other animals like chicken, duck, goose, turkey including fish.

Also, Jewish dietary law permits individuals to eat fish as long as it has fins and scales. In this case, all the fishes like salmon, tuna, carp, and herring are all permitted for food. Any fish without scales and fins cannot be eaten.

Are vegetables kosher?

Interestingly, for those who do not like meat and vegetarians, do not worry at all.  All vegan foods are kosher. According to Jewish dietary law, there are no forbidden plant-based foods. Even vegetarian diets that incorporate dairy are fine, but ensure the milk comes from kosher animals like cows, sheep, goats, or other cloven-hooved animals.

How do you know if an item is kosher?

First, there are kosher grocery stores all over the United States. They specialize in selling only kosher goods and nothing else. However, if you cannot find a kosher grocery store in your area, keep these labels in mind. Also, some grocery stores can stock kosher items, but you’ll need to know where to look and what to look for. Foods that meet Kosher dietary laws are labeled with one of the many kosher symbols, including K, U, and K (in a small circle). These symbols will be in very small type at the bottom or front of a package. Kosher foods that contain dairy will also have a “D” or the word “Dairy” after the kosher symbol. With the explanations above, it becomes easy for anyone to know kosher items.

Are Kosher foods healthy?

Secondly, Kosher foods are based on religious principles and dietary restrictions. However, experts say that kosher foods may be safer and healthier than other products. They drew their conclusion from the fact that foods produced under strict rules and certification demand closer inspection and monitoring than other products. For instance, kosher law doesn’t permit eating insects. So, before packaging, veggies, fruits, and grains are carefully inspected to ensure they contain no bugs. Rules are strictly followed.

How many people eat Kosher in the US?

Finally, statistics prove that about 10.5 million Americans eat kosher products yearly. Among this group, only 20% of kosher food eaters are Jewish. Other consumers attend other religions; some of them are the lactose-intolerant group and vegetarians. As 28% of the American population has food allergies or other sensitivities, the label on kosher products helps them to know which items are dairy-free or meat-free.

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