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Do you have a piece of jewelry that is already spoilt or broken? Our jewelry is usually valuable to us and we do whatever we can to ensure that we fix them when they spoil. Each time we view a particular piece of jewelry, we remember when we bought it, someone, who gave it to us, and lots more. In this article, you will learn about Jewelry Repair Service Near me. This will help you to easily repair your treasure instead of getting rid of it.Jewelry Repair Service Near Me


Jewelry Repair Service Near Me – find it on the Map

To find a Jewelry Repair Service Near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of jewelry repair shops near you. Choose the one nearest to you. Read reviews about it. You can as well find their opening and closing hours and their charges.

Where diamond was first discovered?

Diamonds are iconic stones. They were first discovered in India some 2400 years ago. Even though they were first found in India, most diamonds are now mined in South America.

Which country is the world’s biggest consumer of diamonds?

Current statistics show that the US is the highest consumer of diamonds. However, gemstones and pearls are more popular in other parts of the world. Countries like France and Dubai buy them a lot.

Do body care products damage your jewelry?

Jewelers always say that acidic fruits, perfumes, hair care products, soaps, body lotions, body oils, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals damage fine jewelry. It is best not to allow our jewelry to come in contact with the products above. However, we cannot do without these things. The products above dull, discolor, and damage them.

We are not saying you should stop using body care products. You can permit your lotion to dry down and soak in before wearing necklaces or jewelry. For the ring, take it off before applying lotions and bathing.

What can I do to preserve my jewelry?

Fine jewelers opine that you should always wipe down your jewelry after wearing it. You can use a soft clean cloth or a jewelry polishing cloth and wipe off any body oils on it. Do not use a polishing cloth on pearls or gemstones. If you take the advice above, your treasure will last longer.

How to Store Jewelry

If you store your treasures properly, there won’t be scuffs and scratches on them. The rate of discoloring and wearing will also be high. Store them in double pocketed pouches or jewelry boxes that feature velvet-lined compartments. Keep each item separate in the box; do not put all of them piled up.

Put each pendant or ring into its own pouch. As for sterling silver jewelry, keep them in airtight plastic bags or in a polishing cloth to reduce tarnish. Use a polishing cloth to remove any tarnished bits.

What about Pearls?

Pearls are quite hard to store. Once they are discolored, you cannot repair them. To avoid losing your pearls, move them to the back of your necklace by a jewelry repair professional. They are very good at this.

I hope you got value on where to repair your jewelry and how to take care of them.

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