Italian Near Me – see very sweet meals that are very delicious.

Are you looking for a great Italian restaurant near you?  If yes, don’t ever worry again. In this article, you will learn about Italian restaurants around your location.  In an Italian restaurant, you will see very sweet meals that are very delicious. Keep reading to learn more.

Italian Near Me

Italian Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a great Italian restaurant in your location, browse on the map below. You will find a list of the best Italian joints in your location. When you choose a location, feel free to browse further and learn more about their working hours, the meals they serve and their process.

Is it true that Italians don’t cook with garlic that much?

Do you know that in pop culture, Italian food and garlic go together just like peanut butter in Jelly? As a matter of fact, the Italians cannot do without garlic in their meals. Garlic bread is a staple in restaurants all around the world. However, in authentic Italian restaurants, it is served plain or with a bit of regular butter. As for seasonings and flavors, in true Italian cuisines, they use all kinds of fresh and flavorful ingredients to help give life to the meals.

Are Spaghetti and meatballs Italian dish?

Most Americans enjoy “spaghetti and meatballs.” Here in American, it is a staple, it is also found in Italy. It is even one of the most famous “Italian” dishes in the entire world, but it is not an authentic dish. You won’t even find it in Italy. You can only find reserved for dishes cooked “al Forno.” It is also hard to find meat and pasta in Italy. Italians prefer to eat beef, pork, or fish.

Is bread an Appetizer?

In Italy, once you enter a restaurant, the first thing you’ll find is a piping hot basket of bread. But this does not mean that bread is an appetizer. Italians use bread as a tool to “mop up” the extra sauce that’s left behind on the plate after eating. It is known by the phrase “Fare la Scarpetta.”

Italian Pizza

Wow! Pizza is the most popular Italian dish in the world. However, the Italians prepare theirs in a special way. They make theirs very thin with thicker spongy crusts. There are also usually simple toppings. The most popular type of pizza is the Margherita. This one is made with tomatoes and cheese. Surprisingly, many authentic Italian restaurants (either in Italy or in the US) don’t serve or make any pizzas. The fact is that in Italy, only pizzerias serve pizza. They are the only ones who have the license to do so.

Is Salad an Appetizer?

See, in the US, salad is an authentic appetizer. A lot of Italian restaurants usually serve up a salad before the main dish. However, in Italy salad is not an appetizer to be served that way.  In Italy, it is custom to eat the salad after the meal. This is because it serves as a roughage which helps in easy digestion.

How do Italians take their coffee?

An Italian meal is complete only with a cup of coffee. At dinner, coffee is usually served post-meal as an espresso. It is mostly served black or while it is still fresh and creamy. However, milk-laden coffee is only served in breakfast.

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